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Silk 2 Egg by Cody Fisher - Book

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A Two Person Silk-To-Egg Routine with a Surprise DOUBLE Climax!

The Effect: The magician takes a silk and places it into his hand. One magical gesture and the silk is now an egg! The silk is shown to have magically transported to the magician's pocket! The magician proceeds to let the audience in on the secret by exposing the fact that the egg is hollow and he was using two silks. Now that the audience completely understands, a volunteer is brought on-stage, given two silks and a gimmicked egg and told to copy the magicians every action.

This is done and both the magician and the volunteer have magically transformed their silk into an egg. The magician says that this is the EASY way to do the trick; the more advanced version is to remove the silk (sticker) and crack the egg to show that it is actually a REAL egg!

The magician says that he feels the on-stage volunteer is a quick learner and they are instructed to do the same with their gimmicked egg. To the amazement of the on-stage volunteer they do just that! THEY pull off the silk; it is actually a sticker now! THEY crack the egg into the glass! THEIR EGG is 100% REAL too and they have NO IDEA how they did it!

A professional routine straight from Cody's stand up act!

Pages: 20 - Saddle Stitched

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A good kicker ending to the normal routine Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 17th, 2016
(This review is for Silk 2 Egg by Cody Fisher - Book)
Cody's routine reads pretty much standard for the effect until the end, where the spectator's fake egg suddenly becomes real as they crack their egg too. It's a fabulous ending to the routine that's going to set you apart from the others who do it and have it end with just the magician being the miracle worker.

The booklet has a lot of photographs and very detailed explanations. He even gives you good suggestions on conditioning your volunteer to hold the egg right so even they won't notice later it's become real. He also gives you exactly what props he is using so you can find the same ones for yourself.

It's a lot of information, and if you've never done the effect before this is really all the teaching you will need (after you buy your props elsewhere). If you've been performing this effect, the only real benefit you'll get is the final twist--which to me is a nice one--so you'll have to gauge for yourself whether it's worth the price.

I have a lot of Cody's products and can verify they are workers in the right setting. This is no different. With the right volunteer and crowd, this will be a wonderful addition to your set.
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