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Tiny Spirit Slates by Quique Marduk

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The performer shows two small wooden boards and asks to a spectator examine them. Meanwhile, another spectator selects a card from a deck. Without any strange movement, the deck is given to be shuffled by the assistant.
Now the magician places a small candleholder with a candle in the center of the table, and asks a spectator to light it with a match.
Then, he puts one slate over the other, ties them with a ribbon and puts a piece of chalk above. The slates are placed beside the candleholder.
The spectator mentions his card close to the candle flame, like a ritual, and then the magician unknots the ribbon and shows that now the name of the card is written in chalk on one of the slates.
Remember: The slates are examined by the spectator!!

You receive:
2 wooden tiny slates.
One plastic small candleholder
A candle
A piece of silk ribbon
A chalk
A matchbox 
And gimmicks

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You get what you pay for Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 16th, 2021
As a bizarrest mentalist, i thought this be a nice mini set. Yes it is, only one problem... things start to become a bit breakable or used up feeling pretty fast, things dont stick the way it should, you have to hold a tight grip and never have a definite that things will look right, so i dont know what more to say, you get a set of great things

- Ribbon
- Candle (birthday size)
- Mini Candle holder (birthday size)
- Special Match box (fill your own matches)
- Two slates
- 1 insert (NON Magnetic)

Its a nice little thing to bring out can even use it for a card reveal, but if you want the real slates, the best darkest, bizarre mentalism in this entire world? Well you'd have to email me, and if...a big IF - i would share where you can explore crafts and the BEST bizarre inventor by hand and how to view it all.

So Sadly, this sits at a solid 3 star review from lack of quality of what you pay for and this may be good for someone getting into seance or a hobbiest collecting a little set, though don't expect top quality most is plastic. I recommend to make a decision after you see if this is for you or if you'd save up for some real slates.

Stay Safe out there & Stay Magical, we will be back on the streets before we know it, more contact soon

- Andrew
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Miniature Classic but quality issues Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 31st, 2020
The props that come with it are nice...two tiny slates...a small candle holder...candle...ribbon...matchbox and chalk. Because the description says the slates can be inspected I assumed they were magnetic but they're not so I'm disappointed. They CAN be inspected either before OR after...not BOTH...depending on the handling provided but the magnet used to load the flap onto the slate is too weak so the handling for inspection before really doesn't work. Plus the flap is noticeably smaller so any close lookers will see the gapping and there's no magnets to lock it in so no examination afterwards with the second handling.
Cute props that aren't up to snuff quality-wise and the non-locking feature means I sadly won't be using this version.
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