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Cheppum Panthum Coconut Shell Cups and Wand set by Gary Kosnitzky

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Trick Introduction:

This is where you will discover the lost art of Cheppum Panthum.

An ancient Indian traditional style of performing the Cups and Balls that very few eyes have ever seen. This traditional style of performing the Cups and Balls is considered truly indigenous to Kerala, India, where it is known as Cheppum Panthum.

Cheppum Panthum has been one of the best kept secrets in magic. For hundreds, perhaps, thousands, of years the traditional methods used in performing Cheppum Panthum have been taught only through the oral tradition, handed down from mentor to disciple and conserved under a strict vow of secrecy. Stringent adherence to secrecy and the lack of any written records has caused this traditional Hindu version of performing the Cups and Balls to languish in obscurity. It truly has become a lost art.

This is the first time the correct tools for performing Cheppum Panthum are being offered and all the work is being accurately and thoroughly explained.

About the Performance Video:

This is the traditional Cheppum Panthum routine explained in the book.
It is the perfect routine to learn if you want to master Cheppum Panthum.

Cheppum Panthum can be performed completely surrounded and even in the nude.

This video was taken in one continuous shot.

This is the first time the work is being comprehensively explained in print.

The aim in writing this book is to teach the fundamentals needed to perform Cheppum Panthum in its traditional form so as to revive this beautiful ancient art form. There are many ingenious moves only used in Cheppum Panthum and nowhere else. Detailed explanations are described of all the basic moves accompanied by many photos. It will teach you everything you will need to know so you can begin expertly performing Cheppum Panthum.

There is also a section on how to create the perfect ball; this is an art in itself.
In addition it will also teach you a fascinating routine containing all of the fundamental sleights.

So as to preserve this magical piece in its original form and to keep a historic record, also included is all of the original patter in its classical Southern Dravidian language, accompanied with pronunciation spelling to assist you in pronouncing the words correctly.
Also included is their translation in English so you know what you are actually saying.

With this core knowledge you will be able to create your own stunning routines.

It is amazing to think with all the exposure over the past hundred years the work on Cheppum Panthum would still remain sub rosa. The author believes it should still be kept that way. The way a trick works is a commodity. That is why this knowledge is being disseminated by www.revizzit.com. Revizzit.com's proprietary technology is designed to totally eliminate piracy.

It is now going to be your turn to master, guard and conserve this ancient tradition. Remember "the way a trick works is a commodity" so please keep this knowledge as secretive as possible. Most of all have fun!

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 9th, 2017
I am from India, and I have been studying this effect from very long and I can assure you that this is the oldest trick in the book. Gary Kosnitzky has researched this closely guarded mystery of the Hindu Magicians so thoroughly that he went on to get the original coconut shells which were used thousands of years ago. The set is a collector’s item and is hand carved from coconut shells and coconut wood and comes with a matching magic wand.

That's not all, if there is a master of this trick which in India they consider the mother of all tricks in the west it is Gary. He took the trouble to research and reach the last surviving master of Cheppum Panthum and learned the real secrets of the east from him. Gary today can be called the Guru of Cheppum Panthum.
This is not a trick which you will perform the moment you receive it. It was take you practice, and a lot of it to master it. But once you learn it you would definitely have trick which is age long and would amaze one and all for your whole life time.

If you don't learn the trick, this set is definitely one of those things in magic which will get you more than its cost worth as this would turn into a collector’s item and would be difficult to find in future as this is a limited one time production. Highly recommended for all serious students of manipulation magic, cups and balls, magic history students and collectors.
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