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Pincushion by Devin Knight (DRM Protected Ebook Download)

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This book is not for the squeamish or for those with a weak stomach. The feats described in this book have been known to cause people (both men and women) to faint while watching them!

You have seen people such as David Blaine and Criss Angel do these feats on television. You may have even seen people on America's Got Talent gross out the judges so bad, that some couldn't even watch. You may have even seen Devin Knight do these feats at festivals and fairs.

If you have wondered how these amazing feats are done, then Devin is lifting the veil of secrecy.

This is the only book of its kind. It gives complete secrets on how to do these feats FOR REAL with no pain or blood of any kind! This is geek magic at its best. There are no gimmicked pins or needles. There is no fake skin or rubber cement.

In the 30s, two masters of this craft, Del-Ardo and Ormond McGill both put out treatises on how to do these feats. These were the real secrets that have been lost and forgotten.

Devin Knight has found these lost writings and updated them so those wanting to learn these secrets once again have the opportunity.

This book will teach you:

BE A HUMAN PINCUSHION: How to rapidly drive dozens of ungimmicked straight pins into your arm with no pain or blood!

NEEDLE THROUGH BODY PARTS: Push long needles through your cheeks and neck grossing people out, again with no pain or blood.

DOWN TO THE BONE: A spectator can push a long straight pin into your arm, all the way to the pin's head. Yet, you show no pain or blood.

McGILLS's SECRET: How to bring up a volunteer from the audience (no stooge) and push a needle through his arm so he experiences no pain or blood. This is no illusion; you do it for real, much to the unbelief of the volunteer! A real show-stopper.

MAKING PEOPLE FAINT: Del-Ardo was paid $1.00 for everyone who fainted during his performance. He regularly had ten to fifteen people faint at each show (no stooges). How he did it is explained in this book.

This book teaches you the real inside secrets and gives you full details on how to do them. However, be advised that you use this information at your own risk! Neither the author nor distributor shall be held responsible for any bodily harm done to yourself or others. This book is sold for educational purposes only.

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 12th, 2019
(This review is for Pincushion by Devin Knight)

Yikes...I had to buy this to see if the information was accurate. It's not...

There is repeated mentioned in this PDF of the pincushion act NOT hurting... and that is complete BS. None of these methods described will act as painkillers- not pinching the skin beforehand, nothing EXCEPT lidocaine - but stay away from it. In FACT, pain is important to do this act safely.

If you feel 'electricity' ...if you get too close to the bone and hit a major nerve line, you know to back up and change your trajectory before major damage is done.

Even after doing this act for over 15 years, I still sometimes hit veins and nerves. I used to have a lot more muscle tissue than I do now. 'Skewer Real Estate' as I call it. Muscle is your friend for these acts & if you are skinny with small muscles you are going to have a very hard time getting around major nerve lines and veins. Doing the pincushion act in your cheeks requires a lot more knowledge than just showing a picture of Sally. There are three sheets of muscle in your cheeks. Nerves run through there as well.

I feel this PDF is dangerous and wrong. No mention whatsoever of the risks of damaging a major nerve line or how to deal with hematomas which even professionals get from time to time, Etc.

I think this PDF was written by someone who has stuck a needle through their bodyparts a few times and considers themselves an expert as a result of that and the Antiquated papers that they reference, but if they are skipping these very important points than they are not and really have no business publishing such a thing.

Also, alcohol? That won't kill necrotic tissue on a used needle. There is so much wrong with this it actually offends me that it was published.
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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 3rd, 2017
(This review is for Pincushion by Devin Knight)
If you like Carny Trash effects, and I do, this is very interesting. For some reason you aren't supposed to do this in front of small children, darn. Very good treatise I've seen on the human pin cushion effect.
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