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Silk to Balloon by Zyro and Aprendemagia

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This magical effect will surprise your entire audience. A balloon will pop while attached to a plastic wand, with the explosion all under your control!

The performer inflates the balloon in front of the audience, and sticks it on a classical plastic wand for balloons. Now, place the wand with the balloon over a pedestal. With a magical touch, the balloon will pop whenever the magician wants.

As a complimentary effect, you may make a scarf fly to a balloon. The magician asks the audience to choose a scarf and, in a magical way, the magician makes it disappear. At the lectern, there are 3 balloons stuck to their respective wands. With a magical touch, the magician makes one balloon pop - the balloon having the same color as the scarf that vanished. Not only that, the scarf is now shown to be inside this particular balloon!

You may apply every classic move regarding balloons that pop with this effect. It works with a remote control that will pop the balloon whenever you want.

Silk to Balloon is very simple to perform.

Not included: Balloons and scarves.

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It works but you have to make some changes Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 4th, 2018
It works very well and the balloon explodes right after pressing the button on the remote. And it's not necessary to put flash cotton on the top as they explain on the video.

BUT there are some other big issues, that they haven't considered. First of all there is a long black thing with the wire sticking out of the top of the white balloon stick. So everybody can see that it's not a normal stick. Well, you can just start with the balloon on the stick, you might think. Yes, but after the balloon explodes then everybody will see it then. And another thing. The wire will glow some seconds AFTER the balloon has exploded, so again will everybody see a very bright red light coming from the stick, since all the attention is where the balloon exploded.

I would have given this one star if not I was clever enough to make some changes. I have colored the black thing white so now you won't notice it. But they can still see the bright red light coming from the wire on the stick. So I filled the balloon with silver confetti and now when the ballon explodes there will be confetti to cover the light :-)

For the effect with my changes I give it 5 stars, but because I had to come up with these changes I give it 3 stars. If I hadn't found a solution I would never had used it...
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