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TRAVEL (Red) by Mickael Chatelain

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In the world of magic, there are THOUSANDS of tricks and as many gimmicks, each one crazier than the next...

We're proud to offer you a trick using, as far as we know, a TOTALLY NEW gimmick! There's nothing like it on the market. That's why we're particularly proud to offer to the magic community our latest creation - TRAVEL!

Take out your cased deck. Remove the cards from the case. Close the case and leave it on the table in full view. No one touches it!

Show your spectators that the deck is completely normal. You point out that the cards have faces and backs and all the cards are different.

Offer one of your spectators a FREE CHOICE of a card - he can change his mind if he likes. In short, there REALLY is NO force - the choice is 100% free.

The card is placed face up on top of the deck and the spectator signs its face. You then explain that his card will travel from the top of the deck to inside the case!

Show your hand empty and bring it over the card as if to make it vanish. But your spectator is not an idiot; he easily notices that you have palmed the card! In fact, the card juts out beyond your hand, fooling no one. OK, OK!

You begin again, asking the spectator to watch closely this time. The card is replaced face up on top of the deck. The case is still on the table and your hand is empty. Everything OK so far?

As before, you bring your empty hand slowly over the card. Your spectator burns your hand with redoubled attention, but this time, the card does not jut out. Your spectator wants to see your hand. You turn it over. IMPOSSIBLE! The card isn't there. Gone without a trace! It's not on the deck; it's not in your hand. How is this possible?????

Explain that the card is now in the case! NO WAY, as the spectators will remember that the case has been on the table since the beginning of the trick!

Show the cards remaining in the deck. Not a trace of the chosen card!

Pick up and shake the case. You can HEAR there's something inside! Your hand is empty. You slowly open the case. You reach inside with your thumb and index finger and take out... the FREELY CHOSEN and SIGNED SELECTED CARD!

How is this POSSIBLE?

Pass out the deck for examination to prove there are no duplicates or other irregularities.

No need to remind you that the card is STILL SIGNED - PROOF of its invisible passage!

Remember these points:

  • The deck is ORDINARY - Use your own!
  • NO force! The chosen card is ORDINARY and UNGIMMICKED!
  • NO palming - NOTHING is hidden in your hand!
  • The card REALLY does seem to travel from the deck to the card case!
  • EASY TO DO, as the gimmick takes care of EVERYTHING for you!
  • Your spectators will THINK they're onto you, yet they'll be TOTALLY FOOLED!
  • Three second reset!
"I am proud to offer you TRAVEL, an unbelievable trick that will FOOL YOU! A gimmick that will vanish any card before the very eyes of your astonished spectators!"
- Mickael Chatelain

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True Review Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 7th, 2017
(This review is for TRAVEL (Red) by Mickael Chatelain)
I love getting new gimmicks and especially his work. This is definitely one-of-a-kind just like the few people below me have said. The concept is great I can tell there was definitely a lot of Brain power and thinking that went into creating the gimmick. I like everything about it except the parts you are given in case it does come apart , luckily I have a whole roll of what they give you as I make my own gimmicks. This should last you a long time. The only other thing I could think of I was experiencing one working with it is that the gimmick doesn't always line up properly so it may need some breaking in and time to work with it however it isn't a big deal I am sure it should come along just fine.

I wish they used another material than the one they did that you may have to replace which they provide you as I said it with extra in case, the reason I wish they used another material to make the gimmick do it it does is so you can do a little more work with an ambitious card routine as I don't really use this gimmick just for the sake of what you see in the trailer. I incorporate this into an ambitious or some sort of routine that this is a great closer or opener IMO. You can definitely do an ambitious card routine or anything you'd like you just have to be careful and conscious of the gimmick as it is precisely made to operate the genius way it was created.

Great work in the design, the shortness in the video is how everything should be nice and short to the point of leaving you to make it your own versus someone giving you a routine to stick with. That was probably one of the greatest things is how Quick it is to learn you'll be performing it within minutes if you can handle cards well and off to making the best card to card box gimmick yet!

Strongly Recommended
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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Excellent! But.... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 9th, 2017
(This review is for TRAVEL (Red) by Mickael Chatelain)
I just bought this while on the road from a local magic shop, sorry Penguin, but felt it needed a review. The gimmick is amazing. The effect is brilliant. The actual process...could be better. The total effect seems...backwards. (When you purchase it, you'll understand. However, it is a wonderful effect and worth the purchase! I have already performed it and fooled everyone I've performed for.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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One of a kind gimmick Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 9th, 2017
(This review is for TRAVEL (Red) by Mickael Chatelain)
No kidding, this is a first of its kind gimmick.M C has done it again. Mickael is a master mind when it comes to gimmicks. This is very durable and easy to fix if need be. I just made ten cards disappear back to back and my gimmick is still ready for more. A must have with you own imagination and you will look like a real magician.
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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