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Dr. Fun by Paul Harris (From the TA Box Set)

Imagine the emotional impact when you are able to predict the happiest moment of someone's life!

After over forty attempts, Paul finally nailed the perfect fun method for this biggie that has all the impact of Deep Astonishment and The Anything Deck, except you can use ANY deck.

You write a secret something on a playing card and place it face down on the table... where it never leaves your spectator's sight!

You then guide someone to re-experience the happiest moment of their life:

Smiles... sighs of joy... tears... and then they turn over the card... and you've predicted that very same happy moment!

Dr. Fun is a surgically clean, self-contained astonishment that can now be done with just a regular deck of cards and a Sharpie.

Experience the big happy!

Download Dr. Fun today!

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 25th, 2018
(This review is for The Vault - Dr. Fun by Paul Harris)
This one of those effects that can be repeated if you understand the diversity within the application/method.
It's great for walk around and like I said it is repeatable but only based on the limitations of your mind. I'd double the stars and give it a 10!
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"How could you have known ?" ... (gasp) Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 20th, 2019
(This review is for The Vault - Dr. Fun by Paul Harris)
Thanks again to Paul Harris and Bro Gilbert for sharing this.
I made the mistake of using this as an opener, followed by an altered in the hands version of PH Vanishing deck, colour stunner, then closed with PH Bizarre shrink for a family that had moved in to see what was happening. My Paul Harris tribute set.
Thirty minutes later they were still stunned.
This was the effect they begged me to find the secret too.
What's great is there is no way they are going to find out ! :)
Unless they search the internet for Dr. Fun. Hahahhaha
I love it !
But again this is too strong to use as an opener in my opinion. At least set it up with something if you can. If you can't resist to use it as opener or stand alone - get out of dodge right away after doing it.
Also what's great is they keep (and will closely examine) each card.
They may get grabby with this, but a clean up is no problem if you sense that's coming.
Proof that a $9.95 download can have the same effect as a $5000 mind reading contraption.
Very very clean and simple and direct. Unbelievable reactions and of course FUN FUN FUN to share and find out someone's special memory too.
It's win win with this one !
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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 19th, 2018
(This review is for The Vault - Dr. Fun by Paul Harris)
I've seldom got the "What the Fu&%" reactions, but this one makes that inevitable. This packs a serious punch and is so easy to do, thus you're focusing all on presentation and making the effect ALL about the spectator. It's fun getting to have them really focus and recall all the details of a cherished memory, the more time they spend revisiting the details, the stronger the reveal will be.
This is really powerful that will truly stun, damn near bring tears to your spectator. While audiences may chuckle and be charmed watching pieces of sponge vanish from your hand and reappear in theirs, Dr. Fun is something they will not forget and will absolutely elevate their mood and deeply make an impact on their day. Well worth it
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