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BRAINSTORM POCKET (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Markus Bender

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Brainstorm Pocket is designed for close up performances. With this inconspicuous tool, you can read the mind of your spectators effortlessly. It looks exactly how it should: a common clipboard with paper for notes, not a fancy prop like other impression devices.
Your spectators will not even suspect this devious tool.

Brainstorm Pocket is designed to easily fit in your back pocket to be ready when you want to blow minds.

You can reset Brainstorm Pocket in seconds - perfect for walkaround performances.

With Brainstorm Pocket, you are able to perform a variety of effects, book tests and mind reading routines. And these are only the beginning!

Facts about Brainstorm Pocket:

  • Board looks very natural and inconspicuous
  • No forces
  • Works live and in pre-show
  • Use normal paper for performing - no refills necessary
  • Be in another room when the spectator is writing the note
  • Works in all lighting conditions
  • Positioning of the note does not matter - the spectator can write anywhere
  • Resets in seconds
  • Board comes ready to go
Brainstorm Pocket is easy to handle and does all the work for you.

You receive the Brainstorm Pocket board, the special marker and a few sheets of paper to practice your routines.

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Ridiculously Overpriced! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 14th, 2018
- There are some decent handling tips in the download.
- The device works.

- There is nothing special about the pad itself.
- If you know anything about this type of device you probably know everything you need to know to put the materials together yourself.
- You're basically paying for an assembled device that is very easy to put together.
- It is WAY overpriced. You can get exactly what you need for about $30 or less. You can make a cheaper but just as affective version of this, which would use a normal or borrowed pen or pencil, for about $5 if you know what to buy.
- Although it says in the instructions that you don't have to use the pad and that you can remove the gimmick and use it elsewhere, the gimmick is glued into place in the one I received and cannot be removed without running the risk of ruining the gimmick.
- The pad looks and feels cheap.

Misleading Ad:
- "No refills necessary." There is one item that you will need to either refill or purchase a new one. I'll bet you can guess which item that is. Hint, it's not the paper.

- "The secret is hidden in plain sight." This goes without saying due to the fact that most "organic" style gimmicks have a secret hidden in plain sight. When he says, "The Secret", he's talking about the gimmick itself, NOT the info. And, the mention of "hidden in plain sight" suggests that you are able to see the info while the audience cannot. If this was the case then the product would have been well worth the price. This is not the case with this device. Again, if you are familiar with this type of device then you know that something has to move or be re-arranged before you can acquire the information. If you use this device in real time during a performance, there is no theatrical justification for why you would need to perform the necessary moves to acquire the info. It would be best used as p**-s***.

I will most likely use this but only because I spent the money, not because it's very good. The thinking certainly isn't new. It is the same type of thing that I have put together myself many times in the past. If I had it to do over I would not have bought this. I feel completely ripped off. Hopefully this review will help others make a more informed decision and determine whether or not they really want to spend that much money.
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