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Saw Ring Surprise by Scott Alexander

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This is a hilarious take on the classic Rope Through Body Routine, but with a twist.

You drop two spectators' rings into a cup and fill it with water to help them "clean" their rings. Then you tell them that adding a slight bit of acid to the mix will clean them even better. Stomach acid that then drink down the rings. While waiting for the rings to come back... you saw yourself in half with a piece of rope. The audiences' eyes bug out with surprise and amazement as the rope visually passes through your body. But much to their shock and disbelief... when the rope emerges, the rings are seen to be strung onto the center of the rope! This is five minutes of solid comedy and audience participation.

Scott also includes other ideas, routines and ways to lose the rings that all have a great audience appeal and huge payoff. Including a hilarious Cut-And-Restored Rope Routine and a version of the sawing where you actually give the rope away at the end.

This is one of Scott's favorite, pack-small-yet-play-big magical comedy routines!

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A solid few minutes of comedy magic Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 1st, 2019
Scott has done a great job here of giving you about 8 minutes of good entertainment. The act isn't technically difficult thanks to the props provided, and it's entertaining enough to play on stage while not taking up a lot of space in your case. You will need a table with some cover on it (box, case, etc) that will allow you to perform one of the sleights (and ditch the cup later). And you will also obviously need to find two guys (big rings slide down the rope easier at the end) wearing rings.

The props this time out are good. The glass probably isn't something you already own, even though it's been around a few years. The rope is nice, and you're probably familiar with this type of prop if you do Scott's other rope routine "Slashed Pro". But the props are useless without the proper presentation, and that's where Scott shines in this one. He gives you great suggestions on handling, audience management, and even solid jokes you can use. The act is in and of itself ready made to perform as-is, but hopefully it will spark some creativity in you rather than just copying his act verbatim.

Truthfully, most magicians could perform this act within minutes of watching the video. It's not technically demanding. But to be successful in performing it to the fullest potential of audience entertainment, you'll need to work with it a little and find your own touch to add to it.

Is it worth the high price tag? Well, Scott's material is always priced upper-end to create exclusivity in his magic. Truthfully, it should probably be about half this price, but for a person looking for a solid PSPB routine to play for a big audience, this is gold. Another good point: unlike many other of Scott's routines, there are no real perishables to have to replenish on this act (unless you plan on doing the extra part about giving the rope away at the end). You'll just need these props and bottled water and you are good to go repeatedly with it.
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