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Hypnosis by Ali Foroutan mixed media DOWNLOAD (DRM Protected Download)

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This book and educational collection is an experience of twelve years of continuous effort and knowledge of studying, practicing, and performing HYPNOSIS by Ali Foroutan.

What is hypnosis?!

Is it still a dream in 2022 for you to do hypnosis, whether in the field of therapy or in a show?

It was a dream for me too, but an achievable dream that I have shared with you all the moments in my book and the documentary films I have made of myself since the first day I started this profession.

If you know hypnosis, this educational series will guide you towards treatment and knowledge of hypnosis and the brain, and of course, you can do hypnosis faster and stronger and drastically reduce your error rate.

If you don't know hypnosis, what better! you will learn a hypnotic event from zero to hundred!

If you are between these 2 categories of people, it means that you are doing hypnosis, but you do not know the science and expertise of it, and you have not understood how it works with the brain (for example, let's say you are Michael Jackson, who can sing well and dance well but you don't know anything about music theory), In this book, based on my skillful, scientific and practical experiences, I will teach you the theory of hypnosis and its function in the brain based on precise, logical arguments and real evidence so that you will no longer be misled.

Do not doubt that it is also useful for psychologists, doctors, clinicians, artists, ordinary people and all segments of society who need to identify their own brains and progress and improve their problems.

This educational series is more than an educational and skillful aspect for magicians and mentalists, it even makes you eager for treatment, anesthesia and numbness, and maybe most of the spectrum of this educational series will turn to treatment from the side of demonstration hypnosis, like me. I will tell you what inductions I use for hypnotherapy and demonstration hypnosis (Street Hypnosis And Performing Hypnosis On Stage).

And finally, you will learn the script of a therapy session with Ali Foroutan for his in person clients in Iran.

Did you think about it? I ask you one more time again! Do you know what hypnosis is? This is a serious question that I spent twelve years trying to find the answer to!

If you want to make many successful situations in your personal life, so let's take a journey to learn the science of hypnosis with me.

The Contents You Receive Includes:

  • PDF book containing 118 pages with color images
  • 7 videos totaling 35 minutes, an educational video of the treatment session and documentation such as (First Hypnosis, Deep Hypnosis, Group Hypnosis, Stage Hypnosis and etc) with 4K filming
  • (Hypnosis Script) A routine session of therapy with the voice of Ali Foroutan
  • Sounds pack related to hypnosis
The Contents Of The Book:
  • Preface & Introduction
  • Where Did Hypnosis Come From?
  • Misinterpretations In Hypnosis
  • Is Hypnosis Dangerous?
  • Limitations & Prohibitions In Hypnosis
  • What Is Hypnosis?
  • Attention, Absorption, Separation
  • What Does A Hypnotist Do?
  • What Do You Mean By Guided Coherence?
  • Brain Waves
  • How Does Hypnosis Work?
  • Triangle Of Thinking, Emotion, Behavior
  • Brain Function In Hypnosis
  • Changing The Situation By The Hypnotist
  • Conditions Of Subject And Hypnotist
  • In What Space & Conditions Can We Do Hypnosis?
  • Qualifications Of A Hypnotist
  • Are All People Candidates For Hypnosis?
  • Evaluation & Categorization Of Persons
  • Communication Approach In Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis Steps
  • Conclusion
  • Script
  • Final Thoughts

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Outstanding Hypnosis explanation with Neuroscience Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 19th, 2023
I have been professionally doing hypnotherapy for 8 years now, and I have been collecting materials related to Hypnosis to further improve my knowledge of it.

First of all. This book is targeted to those who want to understand Hypnosis, and not for those who wants to learn how to hypnotize.

This book explains mostly on the theoretical side of Hypnosis. Meaning that after studying the materials. You probably still have to get other teachings or guidance as this book explains very little on how to actually hypnotize.

If you are already able to hypnotize and know a few inductions. Then by all means, get this book if you want a summarization of how Hypnosis works from a neuroscience stand point.

There is 1 simple induction script in the book.
But it is not an instant induction. So please keep that in mind.

Next, the grammar and use of words can be very confusing as I believe this book was written in another language, and then translated to English.

Most of the theory in the book are easily searchable online as the author is just paraphrasing and recycling public researches. But if you need to save time. Then by all means, you can get the book.

All in all, the book is pretty basic. Basically a summary of Hypnosis through a scientific lens. You do not learn a lot of practical things, as its mostly just explanation.

Good introductory book to the science of Hypnosis (getting one toe's wet type of basic level)

Pricing is the biggest issue. For a 100$ purchase. It is very underwhelming. If I were you, I would wait for a discount.
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