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Expert Rope Magic Made Easy by Daryl - #3, DVD

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* Special Knots
* Slippery Knot
* Convertible Knot
* Captive Knot
* Knot Impossible
* Nu-way Knot
* Ropes & Body Parts
* Ropes Through Neck
* Ropes Through Neck II
* Tenkai's Rope Through The Neck
* Instant Rope Through The Neck
* Loop Through Neck
* The Priest's Pearls
* Cat's Cradle Penetration
* Multiple Cut & Restored Rope
* Vishnu Rope Mystery
* Chinese Rope Chain
* Panama Rope Mystery
* Triple Rope Mystery
* Rings & Ropes
* Types of Rings (Large)
* Anverdi-Off
* Chanin's Linked-On
* Reverse Chanin-Off
* Direct Throw-On
* Miller's Move
* Ring & Rope Release
* Miscellaneous Rope Magic
* Dissolvo
* The Fastest Knot In The World
* Cornelius Sliding Knot
* The Kellar String Trick
* Sliding & Vanishing Knot
* The Jumping Knot I
* The Jumping Knot II
* Daryl's Rope Routine
* Daryl's Rope Routine Performance
* Preparation & Set-Up
* Pulling Off The Ends
* Cutting The Rope With The Fingers
* Rope Restoration
* The Jumping Ends
* Pulling a Piece Off Of The Rope
* The Pretzel Knot
* Instantaneous Knot
* Professor's Nightmare
* Professor's Daydream
* Jumping Knot of Pakistan
* The Jumping Knot of Pakistan Performance
* Explanation for Jumping Knot of Pakistan

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Expert Rope Magic Made Easy Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 15th, 2018
I love rope magic!!!

If you have Pavel, Tabary, or Fiber Optics, your owe it to yourself to pick up Daryl's DVD's on rope magic. They're really in depth, sort of encyclopedic, and done in his younger years. Good teaching, and lots of applications in everything "rope".

The format is much like Gregory Wilson's Ringleader DVD (if you're familiar). . .an encyclopedic assembly of moves, knots, ties, and effects. Plus, Daryl's rope routine. If you like rope magic, you can't go wrong here! Most of the classic things with rope you're looking for are here for you to catalog and refer back to anytime you need to. I like this kind of format--NO FILLER, and easy to navigate!!! Buy 'em! Love 'em! Learn 'em!
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ROPE-A-DOPE aka 1 IS NOT ENOUGH=GET ALL 3 Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 10th, 2017
Daryl has presented some of the most entertaining rope f/x available anywhere. Rope magic (cut and restored rope)was one of the very first magic trick I ever learned. Rope magic has been included in all of my magic acts since the age of 8 and still is a big part in certain venues because it plays so well.

I was lucky 2 have seen Daryl perform live (did his full rope routine with standing ovation) and we even brainstormed 2gether on a few new rope routines 7 shared some of my original sleights.

I can not say enough about how great this 3 volume set is except "IT IS PRICELESS" I have learned so much even working with rope for over 20 years. The material is 5 star audience tested and people love rope magic.

It can be a fast trick or a full routine. A great ice breaker. Street magicians know the value as it has wide VISION APPEAL. I would recommend this highly as one of the best investments in magic that plays big, packs small, and is organic.

R.I.P. 2 one great innovator, creator, and 1st. class entertainer.
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'Blown out of the water'!!! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 11th, 2014
Whow!!! Here's a review to be taken with a pinch of salt...by Daryl's NUMBER ONE FAN who considers the sun shine out od Mr D's Uno where.

Daryl's teaching of rope magic is A1 FIRST CLASS...It is the TEACHING that is so good/1s Class...the magic is pretty okay....It is the TEACHING that is the hit in this dvd:








With this fella as a teacher I could just learn ropes all day long, everyday, 24/7.

Daryl is funny too!
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