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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 18th, 2017
Finally someone has found a solution to using marked cards on a regular basis. Marked decks are a great tool to have on hand for the experienced card guy, but usually are cost prohibitive to use on a regular basis, being reserved for those "special shows".

Now, there is nothing to fear on the price tag as well as visibility of the marks (if that was another conviction on using marked cards (too hard to read or too easy to see))

First, the markings are well placed and are visible to the magi at an arms length but also well enough for across the table without being found out.

Second, the two instructional videos are phenomenal. Rick Lax's is about how to read the markings plus a few effects. Jon Armstrong brings his typical style to a couple tricks in the other.

My understanding is that there may be a pricebreak by the brick and if so, this may be the only deck I ever use again. Otherwise, it's still well priced to be used for every gig and not just those "special" ones.

Printed on Maiden back by USPCC in a full tuck case (that's marked as well).

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May 30th 2017 7:55am
Do the markings provide any other info such as the card above in the Nemonica stack or the position in the stacked deck? Or is this simply a straight marking system located on various parts of the back only identifying the card selected? Thanks in advance for your response.

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May 30th 2017 11:05am
This is just the marks of the card that it is on. There is a benifit of the deck for those who use mnemonica since it comes pre-set in that order.

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May 30th 2017 11:37am
I wanted to go with a straight marking system because most of the bonus tricks that come with the extra Delands-style marks...for me...just aren't that good. They're too long and complex. Plus, if you're really good with Mnemonica, you know the order already. So while the ordered decks are a great training tool, I figured focusing on just making the 'main' marks big and readable in different ways was more important.

BUT ALSO note this deck will allow you to do a trick (right out of the box) that no other deck allows... ;)

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