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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 27th, 2017
Lately I’ve been basically collecting marked decks, trying to find the one that works best for me. I should mention that my eyes aren’t as sharp as they used to be, so I’m concerned about the biggest giveaway that you’re using marked cards: an awkward, long squinting stare and the back of a playing card.

There are some really cool features to some of the available decks (like knowing the next card or how many have been cut from the deck) if you’re interested in using a specific stack. But I’m an Osterlind stack guy and I’m not ready to put in the work to learn a different system. So I want a marked deck I can use every day with the stack I already know. And it’s worth mentioning that all of those other decks retail at 25 to 35 bucks a piece.

With very little practice, I can read the backs of these cards at arm’s length, yet the marks are well-hidden enough that I have no problem casually handing them to a spectator. Of all of the marked decks i’ve tried (including Luke Jermay’s Marksman Deck, Andy Nyman’s The Code and the Ultimate Marked Deck), this one is the easiest to read and, by far, the most affordable. I’m going to buy a brick and make them my everyday cards!

The only downside I see, comparing them to some of the more expensive decks, is that the only information on the backs of each of these cards is the value/suit of that card. But the values are clear, easy to read and well-hidden in multiple locations. And that is just perfect for me.

Congrats to Rick Lax for creating the first truly affordable marked deck!

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Jul 09th 2017 2:49am
Hi, I own the DMC: Elites marked cards. My eye sight is terrible which is why I like the huge markings own the DMC's. Are the marks on these cards as big is the DMC's? Are they big enough to read from a distance?

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Aug 17th 2017 7:39am
Hi - just to support rbroda3 I would also like to know how these markings would suit an older magician like myself with a need for greater visibility?

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Sep 02nd 2017 1:02am
I have a couple of DMC Elites and a couple of these...though these are everything Lax says they are, I would have to say the DMCs are easier to quickly peak. However, even with my waning vision, I really like this deck with its well thought design and improved markings when compared to all the other marked decks I have.

The cost of course makes this deck an even better value. The 12 deck price makes owning and using this deck as your primary/everyday deck more affordable. The only question I have is about the availability of replacement cards???

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