> EVANESCE by Mike Liu and Vortex Magic - Bonus Ideas by Eric Chien

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 9th, 2017
So if you're looking for a ditch this is it. The "Gimmick" is the bracelet not really giving much away there considering they show it on the trailer. It looks good to wear it's comfortable and is just in general a fantastic magic accessory.

Now there is a part in the trailer where he does the "Blink" move which is not actually taught but I didn't take a star off because most coin people already own the DvD.

I will say even though the gimmick does most of the work you're still going to have to put in practice with Re-tension's and other moves...

It was a bit disappointing that the majority of the "Vanishes" they teach were all variations of the first but I cant really complain.

Overall I definitely recommend this gimmick to anyone looking for a ditch and anyone who likes what they see in the trailer.

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Jun 15th 2017 11:43am
Hi, I've been waiting for a review so this has nothing to do with what you said. I just wanted to say that I can't imagine wearing this large leather ornament on my wrist! Maybe I have no fashion sense or I am an old foggie (both are true), but I could not see myself wearing it. Also, I have thick arms and wrist so the bracelet wouldn't look out of place on my wrist. On the demonstrator (Mike Liu) it looks bigger than his hands (nothing personal Mike, just an observation.) Fantastic if this works for some people. I think my spectators would think something is up if I wore such a contraption on my wrist. ;-)

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Jun 19th 2017 11:21pm
It is bulky and the coins will fall out if you hold your are down. Anyone can spot the secret really easy.i hate this thing. Who wants to buy mine. hum.

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