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EVANESCE by Mike Liu and Vortex Magic - Bonus Ideas by Eric Chien

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After three years in the making and 10 different prototypes, we can now bring you the very best, hand crafted fashion tool for the modern magician. It will enable you to VANISH, RETRIEVE, SWITCH, LINK, and TRANSPOSE small objects cleanly and openly, showing your hands empty before and after. The possibilities for coin, card and finger ring magic are endless...

Mike Liu has created a very unique tool that he wears daily and is always ready to perform miracles. The ability to completely VANISH an object, showing your hands empty, is something magicians have sought for a very long time. This is a practical tool that is designed to be worn in short or long sleeves. It is right out in the open and the spectators will not suspect a thing.

Eric Chien uses this in conjunction with his BLINK vanish (from his COIN DVD), and is now able to completely show his hands empty after this incredible move.

Over an hour tutorial where Mike and Eric share ideas and routines using EVANESCE. You will learn...

SET-UP - How to adjust it so you can use DOLLAR COINS as well as smaller coins. You will also learn how to adjust it to your wrist size.

RETRIEVE - How to retrieve objects from the gimmick. If you use any type of gimmick coin, you can easily bring it in and out of play at any time during a routine.

Different VANISH techniques:

SNAP VANISH - One-hand snap vanish


Coin Bend (2 versions)
Color Change Coin
Coins to Glass - The cleanest version where you show your hands EMPTY prior to its landing in the glass.
Linking Paper Clips
Ring on Chain
Using Large Coins


Mentalism such as a Confabulation routine, keeping your prediction in and out of play until needed.
Bill Switches, Color Change Bills, Folded Card to any location, and Gimmick coins


Eric has come up with a different set-up that allows for some very unique moves.
Eric's HANDWASH technique
BLINK - Eric shows how to end his vanish completely clean.
Completely Vanish - Show hands completely empty after this amazing vanish.

As you know, audiences love seeing objects disappear and reappear. EVANESCE not only teaches you how to magically do the impossible, but how to also weave in these skills unbeknownst to your audience (switches, etc.). You'll learn incredible magic here!

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Could be 5 stars with minor changes Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 5th, 2017
Mine arrived with blue (paint?) spots on one of the metal buckles, but that's not why I give this 3 stars.

The creator demonstrates how you can wrap the band left over right or right over left, and the magician gets to choose which is more comfortable. There is no velcro. However, the version you get in the box has velcro, so it is designed to work to attach in a specific way. That's minor, but finding the velcro was disappointing. For large wrists, the velcro doesn't attach and there's a gap, so the velcro ends are useless. In fact, even worse than useless.

The inner part (facing the skin) is the scratchy wire, and the opposite piece (the cloth part of velcro to catch the scratchy wires) is on the outside. That means when the velcro doesn't close (because your hand is too wide), the scratchy part is tight against your wrist. It's very annoying. This could have been avoided by placing the scratchy part of the velcro facing out and the cloth velcro facing the skin, or offering a version without velcro at all.

The strap comes with 6 'belt' holes. Using the furthest 3 holes, the velcro pieces won't attach, and your wrist has the velcro wires scratching it. Such a simple swap (put the scratchy piece of velcro on the outside instead of against the skin) or no velcro at all would be a fantastic improvement.

The gimmicked area is very thick, seemingly so that when the wrist is small and the gimmicked area is curled up, a dollar coin can still fit. However, on a large wrist this could be as much as half the material for many vanishes since the gimmick will be flat against a large wrist. One positive is I believe you can fit more coins with a larger wrist than a smaller one, but a less bulky gimmick might be better.

The video tutorials are great. The audio for the intro is very bad (the mic must have failed and they used built-in camera audio) but don't worry, the rest of the video is better. I would have removed the first 4 minutes or simply re-recorded a 30 second intro over Skype or remotely with a better mic or earbuds, rather than keeping that bad echoing audio from a camera.

One idea is to find a matching piece of soft velcro to protect the wrist from the feeling of the scratchy velcro rubbing against it, but since there's blue paint on one of the buckles I'll have to make my first penguin return/exchange anyway.
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Not original as it's been advertised Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 16th, 2017
The gimmick itself is made very well. So the quality is not my complaint. The moves taugh are also very smooth. The machanics are not my complaint. The teaching is pretty thorough. Not my complaint. ( although they advertise the blink vanish but don't teach it ) Still not my complaint. My complaint is the FACT that this already exists on a DVD called coin through nose THATS ON THIS SITE. Which I believe this was the first of its kind with machanics, animations and it's vanishing movements. ( no credit given to Lonnie Lyerla in evanesce DVD ) In my personal opinion, the gimmick is a give away that something is there. It's massive. And I'm willing to bet that if I chose to use this gimmick, ( which I do own ) someone is going to have suspicion. The version in " coin through nose " is more compatible and magician friendly. That's just my opinion. The only difference between the " GEEK Vanish " ( the one in coin through nose ) and Evanesce, besides looking super suspicious and gigantic, is that Evanesce is designed for larger coins. But it does the EXACT SAME THING. If your interested in this, you should pick up count through nose just for that vanish by Lonnie Lyerla. At least you'll have a couple of options to choose from.

I would expect the GEEK vanish to be released independently with a gimmick at some point in the near future. I'm only saying this because I know it's been in the works for a couple of months and I happen to have a gimmick that was given to me to test out. And it's a worker for sure. Keep your eyes out for it.
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Too bulky and the holdout sucks Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 19th, 2017
This items is not a good hold out device.once you make the disappearance happen, you have to hold your arm in an upright position or the item will fall out. Your audience will notice this bulky item right looks suspicious and I'm a ten year magic vet so to speek. And I regret this buy.
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Wow buy this now Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 9th, 2017
So if you're looking for a ditch this is it. The "Gimmick" is the bracelet not really giving much away there considering they show it on the trailer. It looks good to wear it's comfortable and is just in general a fantastic magic accessory.

Now there is a part in the trailer where he does the "Blink" move which is not actually taught but I didn't take a star off because most coin people already own the DvD.

I will say even though the gimmick does most of the work you're still going to have to put in practice with Re-tension's and other moves...

It was a bit disappointing that the majority of the "Vanishes" they teach were all variations of the first but I cant really complain.

Overall I definitely recommend this gimmick to anyone looking for a ditch and anyone who likes what they see in the trailer.
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I should have read the reviews Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 3rd, 2018
I'm Asian...but damn, I can't get this thing to fit around my wrist...I'm a fat Asian...obviously too much McDonalds. Reading a previous review where someone speaks of the geek vanish, they forgot to say that vanish may be the same technically, but you can't ditch a Morgan with it. And when you have coins from Lassen, Schoolcraft, and Kueppers...they use a I was searching for something sleeveless. So if you are a skinny wristed coin worker with hipster/goth look, go for it. Funny built grimace shaped guys like me..not so much.
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cool Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 30th, 2017
I love mine, it works very well and most importantly it suit my style, this little device is very easy to use, the video tutorial itself already worth the price.

Mike teaches many different stuff you can do with it, and they all can be done in real life !

I love it, I can't express it good this gimmick is, it is so different !
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Evanesce Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 15th, 2017
Best purchase I have ever made. I have already made all of my coin sleights completely clean with this. Make vanishes completely clean and impossible looking and then the re-appearance how ever you like. Also great to change one coin into another and end completely clean. Or change one coin into a different coin in the spectator's hand! I already plan on purchasing cigarette thru quarter but will be using with a crayon instead of a cigarette for the kids. Borrow a quarter and make it disappear and reappear behind their ear but completely clean. I am already using this with the strike vanish where make coin disappear and then show both hands empty and then shake out of pen cap.. Use your imagination and you can do almost any type of sleight with this including, coin thru table. This is extremely easy to use and was ready to start performing with it within 15 minutes...
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