Compact Disk Manipulation Manual by John T. Sheets (Instant Download) A MULTI-AWARD WINNING ROUTINE!!! This is a complete guide to an eye popping routine, that's extremely well thought and flows smoothly from beginning to end!
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Magic Interview Series No.1: Wayne Dobson talks to Jay Fortune (2 CD Set) - Trick Imagine having one of the world's top magicians in your home, discussing their magical life, their favourite trick, perhaps the tricks that have made them successful. You hear about how they became bitten by the magic bug. How they made their dream of becoming a professional magician a reality. And
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Bauta (With 2 CDs, Ltd Edition) By Scott Grossberg and Leaping Lizards Publishing - Book Betraying the Face of Illusion Imagine, as a psychic entertainer or mentalist, being able to give precise and eerily accurate "readings" to people throughout your performances. Imagine, as you perform an effect, noticing a person's hands, and giving them an on-the-spot reading that is based on solid
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Ancient Future CD of music by Jay Scott Berry EffectAn interesting compilation of New Age background music sure to compell without distracting your audience. Easy to pace beats to enhance your performance on each of the 19 tracks. Work your routine to a definitive peak with the futuristic sounds of Jay Scott Berry. Tracks Include:Outlander - 2:
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CD Barrie Richardson Collection This cd-rom contains 43 of Barrie's best routines, tricks, and Devices. Contained in pdf file format on the cd are 4 collections of Barrie's lecture notes, and 4 of Barrie's routines. Each pdf file contains several illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.Lectures & Routines Included:- Lect
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Anthony Owen Talks To Jay Fortune No.2 (The Magic Interview Series) - Trick "I thought CDs were out as a way of learning about magic, but this one by Anthony Owen proves I was wrong. You just have to hear him speak to get the full inspirational effect of his amazing story. This is someone who consciously turned himself into a success, and I really enjoyed hearing him explai
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Art and Words CD-Rom by Harlan Tarbell - DVD Over 2000 pages of material The complete original Tarbell Course in Magic (1926) Eight other Tarbell books on magic and chalk-talks The greatest collection of Tarbell artwork ever assembled Tarbell illustrations for books, magazines, sheet music, catalogs, and instructions Hundreds of magic routines
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Artful Mentalism: An Evening with Bob Cassidy CD - DVD Mentalism legend Bob Cassidy pulls his "reclusive" curtain aside and alongside host Michael Weber reveals powerful performance and routining information every mentalist should hear. In this recording and lecture notes of his sold-out tele-event Bob reveals: The Secrets To Creating An Effecting Prese
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Artful Mentalism: Bob Cassidy's 3 Secrets CD- DVD Mentalism legend Bob Cassidy's ideas, routines and effects have helped many mentalists just like you to build acts and reputations. In this special recording and lecture note package Bob reveals revolutionary techniques that will serve to astound your audiences. Bob has been performing and creating
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Beyond Fundamentals CD by Bob Cassidy - DVD Bob Cassidy, who's act has been described as one of the most perfect in mentalism, has created a brand new, complete act he'll reveal to you within "The Act: Beyond Fundamentals" "The Act" will serve as a focal point for Bob to discuss more of his invaluable fundamentals of mentalism. Each effect wi
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Ascension by Joshua Quinn An EXCEPTIONALLY clean and direct means of divining a zodiac sign while giving an IMPOSSIBLY precise character reading!
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No Tricks by Losander - Audio CD In this brand new audiobook Losander gives you some simple tools that will show you how you can improve your existing magic and bring it to a new level of entertainment. Build security and confidence, don't try to play a magician, become one and live it 24/7.Audio Book on CD.Running Time Approximate
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