Tarbell 76: Mind Reading Mysteries Part 1 (Instant Download) A collection of brilliant methods to obtain secret information!
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Sunrise by Patrick Redford (Instant Download) Reputation-making routines from Patrick's live act. They feel like real mind-reading, yet require no apparatus. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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Silent Assistant Limited Duo Edition (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by SansMinds - Trick People loved Silent Assistant and it became an instant hit in the magic community. This is because it solves two crucial factors of traditional magnetic rings, opening up a new world of possibilities! In this special set, we have included 2 Silent Assistant Devices and 12 PK Disks. PK disks are not
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REFILL for SMOKE CUBE by Joo Miranda - Trick Convenient refill for SMOKE CUBE. Instructions are not included.
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BioBender (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Eric Jones - Trick What if you had the ability to distort metal at the palm of your spectator's hands or at the very tips of your own fingers? Introducing Eric Jones' BioBender. BioBender is a set of tools that allow you to create the illusion that you can bend a coin, warp a key, or misshape any small metallic object
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New Topit Pattern by Michael Ammar - Trick The 30th Anniversary Edition!   Since 1981, Michael has used and refined his design of the Topit. Now at last, he has combined his experience as a teacher of magic and thirty years of performing with the Topit into an ultimate Topit Pattern. The sewing template comes in full color, on
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SMOKE CUBE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Joo Miranda - Trick Looking to enhance a great moment with the production of smoke? Read on! After the success of Joo Miranda's smoke watch (performed by David Copperfield on TV), is the highly-anticipated arrival of SMOKE CUBE. It is the smallest smoke machine in the world, created with the professional in mind. Inclu
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Sixth Sense 3.0 by Hugo Shelley (DEVICE ONLY) Powerful. Sophisticated. Reliable. Perform miracles you've only dreamed of with this pro-caliber device. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.
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Sixth Sense 3.0 by Hugo Shelley (ADD ON: QUARTER) This magnetic quarter dollar can be detected by Sixth Sense at a distance of 4.7in (12cm).
Out of stock. $20.00
Sixth Sense 3.0 by Hugo Shelley (ADD ON: 50C EURO) This magnetic 50 cent Euro coin can be detected by Sixth Sense at a distance of 6in (15cm).
Out of stock. $20.00
Sixth Sense 3.0 by Hugo Shelley (ADD ON: UK 10P) This magnetic 10 Pence coin can be detected by Sixth Sense at a distance of 4.7in (12cm).
Out of stock. $20.00
Smoke Screen by Magic Smith The talk of the convention at Magi-fest, and the most practical smoke device we've ever seen. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY. 0 IN STOCK.
Out of stock. $100.00
Fire Anywhere by Zyro and Aprendemagia (Gimmick and Online Instructions) - Trick It is a pleasure to show you the magic device that is going to revolutionize magic with fire.The famous fire-book has reach another level.Has it ever happened to you that as your fire-book gets old and burnt it does not work every time, and doesn't fit in your routine?The solution has been found&nbs
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Smoggler R by Cigma Magic A tiny device that puts out clouds of smoke from a clever gravity switch remote. Hide this ANYWHERE and create an absurd amount of smoke remotely. 2ND BATCH ARRIVING MONDAY.
Out of stock. $200.00
Smoke Cloud by Bond Lee and ZF Magic - Trick Want that "WOW" from your audience? This will do it! Proudly presented by Bond Lee, we have the best "smoke in glass" effect available for you! Cover a glass and, upon removing it from the glass, your glass is filled with smoke! Features: - Extremely dense smoke - Practical - Self-contained - Produc
Out of stock. $199.00
Smoke Pro White Wrist Strap Have you ever wanted to wear a white shirt while using Smoke Pro? This white strap is for use with a white shirt, for more invisibility. The black wrist strap that is supplied with Smoke Pro can still be worn with a white shirt, but there is a chance of its showing slightly if it slides out from the
Out of stock. $20.00 $15.40
Smoke Pro by Trevor Duffy - Trick Imagine producing an object in a cloud of smoke! Or have a card change into another, in a column of smoke. Or mysteriously fill a glass with smoke. The possibilities are endless. Smoke Pro has evolved and been developed for over 25 years. It is truly a professional worker's smoke device, designed in
Out of stock. $190.00
M.I.D. Mini Ignition Device (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Aprendemagia - Trick We are proud to present our new ignition device. The M.I.D. Mini Ignition Device is used to instantaneously start any flash element (paper, thread, cotton or any other). The best is that you will receive a remote control to enable you to start the combustion remotely or, if you choose, by a manual e
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