Tarbell 94: Further Unique Mysteries Part 2 (Instant Download) A variety of effects to set your magical mind spinning with ideas!
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The Rose 2.0 (Red) by Bond Lee & Wenzi Magic - Trick Elegant, visual and practical. The Rose has been one of our best sellers for a long time. Now this routine has got even better! The Rose 2.0 allows you to produce four roses at once. Routine: The magician holds a silk and produces a rose, then the rose is vanished under a flash of fire. Then four ro
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Blooming Blossom Repeat by Mr. Magic - Trick You display a feather flower and pluck the blossom off the end. Then, you simply make a magical gesture and the blossom completely and visibly reappears on the stem! The flower can vanish and reappear back on the stem as many times as you would like.
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Spring Flowers (25 ct./Paper) by Mr. Magic - Trick A beautiful appearance! Multicolored flowers magically appear at your fingertips. You receive 25 hand crafted flowers. These really look great, and audiences will love their magical appearance.
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3 FLOWER POTS FROM FRAME by Tora Magic - Trick The illusionist shows a panel on both sides. He puts it on the floor and a moment later he makes a giant vase of flowers appear from behind it.This impossible production is repeated two more times, so as to produce 3 vases full of flowers!The audience will not believe their eyes.Tora Magic quality.A
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Blooming Flower Vase by JL Magic - Trick A stunning, visual flower effect! A beautiful vase sits on a table. You pick up the vase to show it is filled with large, vibrant-colored feather flowers all the way around. You place the vase back onto the table and pick up a cloth. One at a time, you pluck the flowers from the stems and place them
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Fire to Colorful Vases (4 Times) by Tora Magic - Trick An audience pleaser! The magician shows a flowerpot to the audience. In his other hand he has a wand. Once he touches the flowerpot with the wand, the flowerpot ignites. The next time he touches the flowerpot with the wand, a bouquet appears instead of fire. The magician then changes the flowerpot i
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Fastest Trick in the World by Tora Magic - Trick A vase full of flowers is clearly visible on an elegant table. The Illusionist covers it with a silk, and in a blink, it vanishes into thin air! After the vanish, the table can be used as a normal stage table. The disappearance can also be performed in plain view without any cover, as it is instanta
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Garden Flower by Tora Magic - Trick The magician shows a pedestal, he waves a wand over it and magically makes a flower appear! Then he shows a cut out tube, clearly empty. He puts it on the pedestal, makes a magic gesture, removes it and magically the pedestal is now full of beautiful flowers! Tora Magic quality. Very easy to do, it
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Vanishing Bouquet & Vase by Tora Magic This is the fastest trick, and quite impressive! It has been designed and produced by Tora Magic Company after extensive study and from working on the previous model. With a glance, you will know that this item is been made of high quality materials that provide its stunning appearance and durabilit
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