This is strong hypnotism you can be performing TONIGHT. The clever method makes it SO EASY.

Poor Boy Billet Knife - Trick The Poor Boy Billet Knife isn't a fancy magic prop. It's a simple utility device invented by a magician, used by same, and placed on the market for a reasonable price. Like most magic gimmicks, it's just "one of those" with "that one thing" attached to it. However, this knife is also very effective!
In stock. $11.25
bill-to knife lemon mentalism
Improved Repeat Bill in Lemon Version 2 by Devin Knight - Book IMPROVED REPEAT BILL IN LEMONSome magicians say this is the best trick that Devin Knight has ever released. This is currently how he closes his stand up show as nothing can follow it. It is something that Devin Knight has kept under wraps until now. Imagine doing the bill in lemon with a borrowed bi
In stock. $14.96
bill bill-to lemon paper parlor stage teleport
Bill In Lemon (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD If you could have one set of magic DVDs, this would be it! This benchmark collection features just about all of magic's most enduring and classic effects and routines. It's a fabulous compendium with many of the top masters in the world of magic teaching their handlings and routines for some of magi
In stock. $15.00
bill bill-to close-up dvd lemon money-trick orange restaurant stage teleport worlds-greatest
Inception by Chris Randall - Trick The Inception is an anytime, anywhere, self-contained Bill in lemon routine. Honed on the streets of Las Vegas, you get the inner workings for one of magic's most powerful pieces as well as Chris Randall's YEARS of experience performing this effect. "Chris Randall has deeply thought about getting ma
In stock. $26.21
bill bill-to lemon teleport
Fruits Of Our Labor Bill In Lemon by Bobby Maverick - DVD Ever been afraid to do a Bill in fruit effect due to the handling or limitations of the way you work or your environment? This DVD will conquer that fear! Bobby Maverick teaches you everything you need to know about how to achieve one of the greatest effects in magic. With so many sources, its hard
In stock. $30.00
bill bill-to lemon street teleport
Quantum Leap Red (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gavin James - Trick "Quantum Leap is a strong piece of VISUAL self-working card magic that is very EASY to do!" - Mark Traversoni "Simple - Direct - Impossible" - Kieron Johnson "When Gavin showed me this, I thought, now that's a clever Self Working 'Keeper'"- Gary Jones "The spectator chooses a card; the deck is sprea
In stock. $28.00
card card-to lemon self-working
Bet Your Bucks by Cody Fisher - Trick The Routine: First of all from an entertainment viewpoint it is VERY commercial. The routine begins with some very funny custom music (CD included) as the volunteer walks on stage. The effect is presented like a "game show" called "Bet Your Bucks". After the volunteer "loans" the magician some money
In stock. $74.25
comedy dvd lemon production stage vanish
Super Real Latex Lemon - Trick This is the best production Lemon on the Market! It absolutely looks like the real thing, even close up. It compresses into very small spaces and can be made totally flat. However it will always hold its shape.There are other production Lemons on the market but the others do not Look, compress and s
In stock. $12.75
close-up lemon production stage street
Lemon Aid by Quique Marduk - Trick This trick is based upon a Bert Douglas trick, and it's suitable for kids as well as for adult shows. Great for comedy parlor or stage performances. The magician shows two transparent plastic tumblers, a lemon and two plastic tubes. He places the tumblers in full view on the table, one aside the oth
In stock. $24.95
kids-show lemon transpo
Teleportation Device By Pop Haydn (Instant Download) Pop Haydn's Bill to Lemon/Bill to Egg Routine
In stock. $15.00
bill bill-to download lemon parlor teleport
Vitamin C Hunter, Rudy The Stand-Up, Gaffless, Signed Bill In Lemon Routine Hunter's Vitamin C is the solution to a problem... being able to perform the classic effect of the Bill In Lemon without a great deal of fuss and bother. If you want a routine which is simple to perform, could be done impromptu, is gaffless, req
Out of stock. $7.46
close-up lemon money-trick stage
Robert Olson's Ultimate Bill in Lemon by Jon Jensen - Book Borrow a dollar bill and have the spectator rip it in the half. The spectator keeps half and the other half magically vanishes. A lemon that had been in sight during the whole routine is cut in half, revealing the half bill.
In stock. $11.25
bill bill-to book lemon teleport
Bar Magic Doc Eason- #2, DVD Your front row seat is reserved for this rare, in-depth look at the working repertoire of the master bar magician of our time. Peppered with lines, bar bits and jokes, this "Doc"umentary features guarded, highly commercial secrets which bring celebrities and locals back again and again. Twenty years
In stock. $26.21
bill-in-lemon card dvd gambling lemon
Best of JJ Sanvert Volume 3 by L & L Publishing - DVD When FISM winner J. J. Sanvert performs, he only has one goal in mind - to entertain! This is why every routine in his professional repertoire is honed to perfection as he squeezes every last drop of entertainment potential from them. That means that every one of these tricks is strong enough to be
In stock. $26.25
card close-up dvd lemon money-trick ring-trick vanish
Billet Knife by Pete Biro and Joe Porper - Trick Joe has brought back to market the perfect tool for the mentalist, a billet knife that instantly loads a sealed envelope with a prediction. Made famous by Al Koran's Million Dollar Mystery, this knife is made in the form of an innocent, quality letter opener.
Out of stock. $199.95
bill-to impossible-location knife lemon
Bill in Lemon Book by Scott Alexander - Book Scott Alexander has established a reputation as the "go to guy" on the bill in lemon effect. His breakout trick of 2004 "The Final Answer" (long out of print) is sought by many magicians "in the know." Now, in this manuscript, Scott tips all the thoughts and inspirations that let up to the final ans
Out of stock. $45.00
book close-up lemon money-trick stage street vanish
Fake Lemon by Quique Marduk - Trick This special Fake Lemon is made of PVC and it is a great advantage, it is not painted, the color is forever, and heat doesn't hurt the material, like on latex.With it, you can perform a lot of magic effects and gags. Perform the vanishing lemon place it into a paper bag and crushing it. Use it for t
In stock. $7.50
comedy cups-and-balls lemon parlor production refills stage street walk-around
Quantum Leap Blue (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gavin James - Trick "Quantum Leap is a strong piece of VISUAL self-working card magic that is very EASY to do!" - Mark Traversoni "Simple - Direct - Impossible" - Kieron Johnson "When Gavin showed me this, I thought, now that's a clever Self Working 'Keeper'"- Gary Jones "The spectator chooses a card; the deck is sprea
In stock. $28.00
acaan card card-to lemon self-working
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