Pandora's Box by Jay Sankey - DVD The Effect Based on a Roy Walton idea, Jay has been exploring various gimmicks for years. These are the very best to date! Less than 5 minutes to install into ANY CARD CASE!And the case can STILL HOLD A FULL DECK OF CARDS! "Pandora's Box does so much with so little. I love it." -Gary B. "Like Jay
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Mini Deck By Michael O'Brien an Ray Wickham (Instant Download) A miniature deck of cards instantly transforms into a full sized deck! Also includes a fun deck switching utility!
In stock. $4.95
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Paul Gordon's 4 Killer Packet Tricks Vol. 2 - Trick Back in print for the first time in years, and now on Bicycle stock! Spectrum, Jim Nastic Cards, Six-Card Brainwave and Twisted Colours. Spectrum is a multi-phase effect with a colour-changing kicker. Ends clean! Twisted Colours is a Twisting routine with two kickers. Jim Nastic Cards is a real puzz
In stock. $45.00 $34.65
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Penguin Scuba Team T-shirt (Small) Coolest shirt ever!
Out of stock. $19.95
Real Cube by Harry G - Trick Perform Rubik's Cube miracles that seem absolutely impossible to your audience! Spectators are astounded! Proudly presented by Harry G and Magiclism Store, Real Cube is a complete set of props with amazing routines. It packs small and plays big! Gimmicks are made to look identical to the original Ru
Pre-order. $175.00
Recube by CHHmagic - Trick Recube is a tool that will help create miracles with Rubik's Cube magic. Most Rubik's shells suffer from either being too heavy or looking unconvincing -- Recube solves these issues. In order to be thin enough, delicate enough, and to look real enough to be used in close-up magic, we invited the bes
In stock. $65.00
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Cube: Impossible by Ryota & Cegchi - Trick Real Magicians RYOTA and CEGCHI have teamed up and created new cube magic! A small mixed Rubik's Cube is shown to the spectator. Then the magician magically starts to solve it right in front of their eyes without touching it! This is Cube: Impossible! "An impossible situation and an entertaining plo
In stock. $69.95 $53.86
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Smoggler R by Cigma Magic A tiny device that puts out clouds of smoke from a clever gravity switch remote. Hide this ANYWHERE and create an absurd amount of smoke remotely. 2ND BATCH ARRIVING MONDAY.
Out of stock. $200.00
UNSEEN by Toby Z. ( 4 of Spades Magic Studio ) (Instant Download) A brand new weapon of card to impossible location
In stock. $9.95
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Super Soft Deluxe Nest of Wallets 2.0 by Nick Einhorn and Alan Wong (Download + Gimmicks) The best just got better. COMES COMPLETE WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED.
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Paul Gordon's 4 Killer Packet Tricks Vol. 1 - Trick Back in print for the first time in ten years, and now on Bicycle stock! The Ultimate Triple Kick Monte and The Red Herring. Plus, Four Card Fooler and a NEW version (for all languages) of Killer OMG. Effect(s): The Red Herring is an easy examinable comedy "Find the Lady" type effect. The Ultimate T
Out of stock. $45.00 $34.65
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