Max Maven's legendary reputation-maker, available for the first time ever.

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Rubiked by Vincent Tarrit and Gentlemen's Magic (Special Cube + App) The most innovative cube prediction we've ever seen. They can mix it up any way they like. Your prediction matches PERFECTLY. 4 IN STOCK. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.
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The Solution by Michael Murray (Instant Download) The Most Incredible Rubik Effect Ever Created!
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RUBREAK by JL Magic - Trick A perfect comedy piece for anyone using a Rubik's Cube in their act. RUBREAK can be used before, during, or after a Rubik's routine to create a very funny and awkward moment. Imagine, you have just completed your favorite Rubik's effect and you ask an audience member to help you out by holding the c
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Hopping Cube by Takamiz Usui & Syouma - Trick Here's an effect where a Rubik's Cube multiplies and vanishes! And, this can be repeated several times! It opens the door to the new possibilities for the Rubik's Cube! This gimmick can help during times that would normally cause suspicion - the gimmick's composition covers those moments of weakness
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Cube Vision 1-1-6 by Takamiz Usui and Syouma - Trick TAKAMIZ USUI's LATEST WORK The performer picks up a regular puzzle cube and a small one as well. He also takes out a box where the small puzzle cube fits perfectly. First, the performer turns his back so he does not see what follows. A spectator is asked to place the small cube in the box with the s
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The Magic Cube (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gustavo Raley - Trick Introducing one of the most innovative and creative effects of this year. A number of effects and presentations are possible with The Magic Cube. EFFECT 1: The magician shows the audience a DVD cover - he states that inside are instructions on how to solve the Rubik's Cube with this DVD in seconds.
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CANDY By Mark Gibson (Instant Download) Impossible. Direct. Mind Reading.
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Rubix Solve by Amanjit Singh (Instant Download) A one-handed method for solving your cube which will definitely melt your brain!
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INFINITY RUBIK by Tora Magic An amazing and mysterious Rubik. This cube is capable of adding 6 or 7 different effects to your routine. You'll love its versatility, and your audience will be astounded at all of the magic you're performing! Looks great! Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 10.5cm
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JUMP CUBE by SYOUMA - Trick A Rubik's cube puzzle that is thoroughly mixed is placed on the palm of the hand. Just tossing it over from the right hand to the left with the pom-poms a couple of times, you'll get the whole picture - it is completely solved! The complete cube can then be handed over to the audience. Very easy and
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PSI Extra Cube by Wenzi Magic & Bond Lee - Trick This is a normal, ungimmicked cube for use with PSI. While PSI already includes one normal cube, this second ungimmicked cube can serve as a replacement if needed.
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Cube 3 By Steven Brundage Everyone knows that solving a Rubik's Cube can be a long, frustrating, hair-pulling feat. That is, until Steven Brundage steps in and short-circuits the whole idea, by turning a near-impossible puzzle into a jarring moment of excitement. Steven shocked the world by using a Rubik's Cube to get out of
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Cube: Impossible by Ryota & Cegchi - Trick Real Magicians RYOTA and CEGCHI have teamed up and created new cube magic! A small mixed Rubik's Cube is shown to the spectator. Then the magician magically starts to solve it right in front of their eyes without touching it! This is Cube: Impossible! "An impossible situation and an entertaining plo
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Weird Gum by Agustin (Instant Download) A pack of gum moves mysteriously on your hand. Completely self-contained.
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PLASTIC SURGERY By Arnel Renegado (Instant Download) A plastic bottle heals by itself
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The Enchanted Cube (With Online Instruction) by DARYL - Trick Effect: You cleanly display a thoroughly mixed Rubik's Cube on ALL SIX SIDES! There is no question that the cube is completely mixed (because it is). The cube is tossed into the air, INSTANTLY & VISIBLY SOLVED! Once again, the cube is shown around to now be solved. Right in front of the watchful
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The Dark Side of the Cube by Diego Voltini - Book Within the field of Rubik's Cube's magic, filled with effects focused mainly on solving and matching, The Dark Side of the Cube stands out from the crowd. The Dark Side of the Cube is an astounding mental act with a regular Rubik's Cube, accompanied by an original and entertaining presentation that
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Rubik's Dream (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Henry Harrius - Trick Henry Harrius is a FISM winner and Rubik's Cube magic aficionado, and is probably best known for his effect, Rubik's Nightmare. Now he's back with Rubik's Dream, a groundbreaking shell accompanied by killer routines. While most Rubik's shells suffer from being too bulky or unconvincing, Rubik's Drea
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PLASTIC SURGERY by Arnel Renegado video DOWNLOAD A plastic bottle is burned and heals by itself! Imagine asking your spectator to burn the plastic bottle and, mysteriously, with the power of your mind, the burned hole slowly heals by itself. Get ready to learn the secret of Plastic Surgery. Download the video and you'll soon be performing this eff
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