Performing Your First Trick

Remember the first time you performed magic for someone? We can all relate to that first little trick or routine that sparked the 'penguin' inside of us. You know, that time when you built up enough courage to perform magic for the first time? We've all been there. I know I have. It was that first trick that made me want to perform again... and practice even harder than I did the first time. For some people, it was the first time they felt what it was like to truly astonish someone. Or for many of you, like me, that first trick went wrong in every way.

The first trick that I ever performed was Dr. Bob's Acrobatic Aces. It's one of those packet tricks where the cards turn face down one at a time... then there's a kicker at the end where the backs all change colors. Anyway, the trick floors people... when performed correctly. I didn't have that luck! My hands shook, the cards fell on the floor and the spectator wasn't convinced at all. In a nutshell, I looked like a total klutz.

The first time is something that every magician has to go through. It can be a rough experience, but with a few tips from someone who's gone through it already, your first time performing magic can be a blast... for you and the spectator. Whether you're looking to perform for the first time, or a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, I'm sure you'll agree that these tips will help out in a big way.
  1. Do a trick that you know. Nothing is scarier then performing a trick that you're not sure about. It sounds like common sense, I know. However, I've seen so many magicians make this mistake. I know I have!

  2. Be patient and practice a trick until you get it down; as if it were second nature. This will help take care of those first time jitters! Everyone knows that repition is the mother of skill. In other words, practice makes perfect,or as I've learned over the years, perfect practice makes perfect performance. Don't be in a rush to perform any trick. Especially if it's your first time.

  3. Pick a friendly spectator. Find someone who looks like they won't tear your head off! This doesn't mean that you have to perform for a family member or a close friend... they can actually be you're toughest audience. Try performing magic for someone you don't know, a class mate or someone you work with. These people can definately give you an honest reaction and help you get better. When it's your first time performing magic, keep in mind that you're not trying to prove anything. Don't think you're going to 'fool' someone. Just relax and make a new friend. The magic will come naturally!

  4. KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! You don't have to make an airplane appear out of thin air when you do your first trick! Stick to something simple in psychology and make it personable. You don't want to lose your audience by confusing them, or seeming as if you're trying to test their intelligence. Perform a self working trick where you can concentrate on your presentation rather than technique and handling.

  5. Remember: It's only your first time doing magic! You might not be a big hit your first time, but you will get better with experience and patience.

  6. DON'T SWEAT IT!!! Most people try a magic trick, it doesn't work and they give up, never touching magic again. They never give themselves a chance to improve like you. So congratulations for sticking with it and having faith in yourself.
For many magicians, that first trick means so much. It's the one event that changed their life because they knew that from that moment on they were hooked on performing. I'm sure that if you consider at least one of these tips your first experience performing magic will be a success. Get out there, do the best you can, and have fun!
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