LUX by Lloyd Barnes LUX is a miracle device that allows you to make marks disappear and reappear on cue. Now shipping!
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The Gaff System by Lloyd Barnes 10 YEARS IN THE MAKING... A BRAND-NEW GAFF SYSTEM WITH 23 ORIGINAL TRICKSThe secrets contained within this gaff system do not lay within the cards themselves, but rather in the devious constructs and notions which bring the cards to life.Only when these methods of deception are learned will you trul
Out of stock. $39.95
Dex by Lloyd Barnes & Javier Fuenmayor Any card. At your fingertips. As fast as lightning. DEX is the best card index ever made. Two years of anticipation, and it's finally here! EXTREMELY LIMITED SUPPLY.
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Wallet Weapon by Lloyd Barnes - DVD "Wallet Weapon is extremely deceptive and very devious! A must for all close up performers!"- James Brown //Professional Opportunist.The Wallet Weapon is a powerful, unique and dynamic utility device that you'll carry with you at all times.Specifically designed to be built in to your wallet with mat
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The Scarlet Utility by Lloyd Barnes (Instant Download) An incredible move that allows you to do beautiful vanishes and changes.
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SandSwitch by Lloyd Barnes (Instant Download) Invisibly switch any sandwiched playing in the most natural manner possible.
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Wallet Weapon by Lloyd Barnes (Instant Download) “Weapon wallet is extremely deceptive and very devious! A must for all close up performers!” – James Brown //Professional Opportunist.
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Cognito by Lloyd Barnes & Owen Garfield (Physical Product) "The best app of the decade."- Craig Petty "Cognito is genius. What an incredible tool with limitless possibilities. 11/10"- Christian Grace Magicians and mentalists have strived for centuries to crack the code of real mind reading. COGNITO is the closest you will ever come to experiencing the incr
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Maxim Physical Copy (App & Online Instruction) by Lloyd Barnes - Trick "A lot of apps come and go with trends. Maxim lives on my homescreen. It's genius."- Christian GraceMAXIM is a covert app that instantly calculates and discreetly delivers to you the perfect hands-off reveal for any freely named card in a deck that's been mixed by the spectators. Effect:You hand the
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ProCaps (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Lloyd Barnes - Trick One of THE most recognizable magic props of all time just LEVELED UP for the 21st century... introducing ProCaps by Lloyd Barnes. Known to most as Dynamic Coins or Nickels to Dimes... this classic "beginners" magic toy has remained an all time, global bestselling trick for 3 reasons: Incredibly fool
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Odyssey (2 DVD set) by Lloyd Barnes and Enigma Ltd. - DVD "Some of the most direct and visual work I have ever seen. You would be a fool to miss this!"-Alan Rorrison. Consultant for Dynamo, Creator 'Smoke' by Theory 11."Holy CR#P! That's some super visual stuff.... Unreal!"-Titanas. Creator of Titans' Finger by Paul Harris Presents.Odyssey is a 20 effect d
Out of stock. $44.95 $34.61
Limited Moonshine Vintage Elixir Playing Cards by USPCC and Lloyd Barnes The finer things in life are those left to mature, develop, and become enriched with elegance and mystery. Almost a decade ago, Moonshine Playing Cards (First Edition) came screaming into the magic world. Seemingly from nowhere and overnight, right into the hands of some of the most well-known and r
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