Magic Tricks that play big at Work
Here you'll find the Penguin picks for the top five magic tricks to take to work with you.

  1. Magic Interactive - Turn your computer into the ultimate magic prop. This CD-ROM sets the stage for an incredible magic show and YOU are the performer. There's no need to set-up, tear-down, or lug equipment around. Just pop the CD-ROM in and start entertaining. Your office will be packed with spectators in no time. Perfect for group presentations. Read More

  2. No Strings Attached - Turn your office into an anti-gravity zone. Imagine being able to float a business card, post-it note, or paperclip the moment it's handed to you... without setting up or worrying about your hook-up. You set up once in your office and you're always ready. This is the easiest levitation effect we've ever performed. Read More

  3. The Masters Time Machine - Exchange your old watch for the ultimate prediction machine. This fully functional watch is specially engineered to make possible one of the strongest prediction effects in all of magic. This special watch is designed to be worn everyday so you'll always be ready to break the ice with a new client or create a special moment at a company meeting. Read More

  4. The Stealth Pen - Substitute your everyday pen for this ingenious invention. At any moment you'll be able to visually pierce a dollar bill with your pen. Your co-workers will see the pen going through the bill from all angles. But, when you visually remove the pen from the bill there is no hole. Everything can be handed out for immediate inspection. There are dozens of perfect moments to perform this effect in a normal workday. Read More

  5. Killer Key by Jay Sankey - Put one extra key in your pocket and you're ready to unlock some huge reactions. This hot new effect allows you to perform an impossible feat of sleight of hand with NO MOVES! The key and the coin switch places. It's quick, simple, and visual. The perfect effect for a quick break at work. Read More

Magic at work is about more than just fun.
It's a great way to connect with people, make memorable impressions, break the ice in new situations, liven up presentations, and jumpstart sales calls. If you've been keeping your magic to yourself at work... it's a great time to start sharing. The five effects above are so fun to perform you may have to stop calling it "work".
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