Mathieu Bich LIVE (DVD) Hosted by Michael Weber. The man who FOOLED Penn & Teller came to Penguin for an inspiring 3-hour LIVE event. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Reversible by Mathieu Bich - Trick Reversible is a very visual card trick based on the classic "Reset" Plot Effect: Four Kings Four Aces. The Kings are placed face-up in the spectator's hand. The Aces are held face-down in your hand. The two groups of cards barely touch each other: They transpose in full view. Instantly.Easy to do -
Out of stock. $19.95 $14.96
Black Hole by Mathieu Bich a stunning moving hole effect with the WHOLE DECK!
Out of stock. $43.00 $32.25
Chaos by Mathieu Bich However you think it works - youre wrong.A masterpiece 15 years in the making. The effect of Chaos is quite simple: a deck of cards is freely shown in random order - then impossiblyreshapes itself into perfect, new-deck order.Since 2001, Mathieu Bich has been working on a method for Chaos that was e
Out of stock. $29.95
Hungry? by Mathieu Bich (DVD) Would you like to become more creative and invent tricks using your own methods?The simplicity of the sandwich effect is precisely what makes it the ideal trick to help you understand, learn and develop a creative process for magic tricks.Through twelve sandwich effects, Mathieu Bich will share with
In stock. $29.00 $14.50
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Eject by Mathieu Bich - Trick The magic happens by itself...literally! EffectA card is freely selected and placed back into the deck. The magician places the deck onto the table. After a few magic words, the deck EJECTS a single card out - the signed card! The routine can be done by staying away from the deck of cards. There is
Out of stock. $19.00 $14.25
Counter Weight by Mathieu Bich - Trick The Ultimate Suspension Deck!This fantastic effect allows you to astound audiences by performing impossible deck suspensions. The effect includes all props necessary, and an instructional CD-ROM.- Easy to Perform- Easy to Carry- Can be performed with a borrowed deck!!
Out of stock. $24.00 $18.00
Disappeared Thought by Mathieu Bich - Trick Mathieu Bich's new take on the Princess Card Trick Plot...Effect:Show 6 cards (really 6 cards) and ask the spectator to think of one.One card turns blank, and it's the one in the spectator's mind...Easy to do !!!Cards Specially printed by US Playing Card Co.
Out of stock. $19.95 $14.96
SympathetInk by Mathieu Bich - Trick Effect 12 routines and loads of tips in order to allow you to get the best out of this pen, worthy of the most secret of secret agents!Comes complete with Pen and 10 page booklet.
Out of stock. $14.00 $10.50
TnR by Mathieu Bich (DVD) Torn. Restored. Transformed. A piece by piece card restoration that will BLOW YOU AWAY. ORDER TODAY AND GET TORN BUT NOT FORGOTTEN FREE.
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EDGE by Mathieu Bich (DVD + Gimmicks) As your finger gently glides along the edge, the name of their selected card appears written in permanent ink.
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Mathieu Bich LIVE (Instant Download) Hosted by Michael Weber. The man who FOOLED Penn & Teller came to Penguin for an inspiring 3-hour LIVE event. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. RESERVE BEFORE SUNDAY AND SAVE.
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Poor Man's Casino by Mathieu Bich - Trick You present a few pieces of paper that are blank on both sides and cut to the size of "bank notes". You explain that you are going to play one of these "bills", and you place it on the table. Then you shuffle a deck of cards and place it in a case that has a slot on the back of it. Using it like a d
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LightPaint by Mathieu Bich and Gentlemen's Magic - Trick What if you could reveal the selected card with a borrowed cellphone? With just a picture or a video, you will be able to reveal the spectator's card in a flash! The picture can be shared on social networks right after. EXTREMELY VISUAL AND MODERN LightPaint is the first Gentlemen's Magic release, a
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THINNER (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Mathieu Bich THINNER (Diminishing Card Case + Diminishing Cards): You remove a deck from a card case, the card case magically flattens out! With the cards in your hands, you squeeze them with your fingertips and one fourth of the deck seems to disappear! You will repeat that 3 times, and each time about 1/4 of t
In stock. $49.95
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Rainbow Connection (DVD and Gimmick) by Mathieu Bich Rainbow Connection is an underground effect from Mathieu Bich. He has been using it these last 12 years andnow you can own and perform that effect from his professional repertoire! Ideal to use as an introduction, this effect has been specially created to lead your spectators into an appropriate sta
Out of stock. $30.00 $23.10
Mathieu Bich by Close-Up Magic - DVD What People Are Saying: "Mathieu is one of France's greatest treasures. When I visited Paris I was fortunate to witness Mathieu's brilliance. He fooled me with cutting edge methods and effects. The last time I felt this way was when I worked with Gaetan Bloom at the legendary Brooke Farm Inn of Magi
In stock. $35.00 $17.50
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French Connexion by James Chadier and Mathieu Bich - DVD More than 20 tricks, moves, and applications. All technical levels - From beginner to expert. Something for everyone. Highly visual magic - Coins, cards, rubber bands. Real-world Performances - Comprehensive explanations. Revolutionary Mathieu Bich's "X-Ray view" explanation sequences. Bonus Materia
Out of stock. $35.00 $26.25
The Nomad Pad by Nikola Pelletier & Mathieu Bich - Trick A real-world and highly reliable instant peek pad. Super-easy to use looks like an innocent pad bought from a stationery store Real-time access to the information Automatic & instant reset 240 performances with included refills fits in your pocket!Included:1 Nomad Pad1 Nomad Pen1 Pad Refill1 Boo
Out of stock. $99.00
Back Twist (DVD and Cards) by Mathieu Bich - DVD ONE-BY-ONE, 4 cards change from RED to BLUE, then shown cleanly, front and back! NOW SHIPPING. EASY TO DO AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $29.99
Spreadwave 2.0 by Mathieu Bich (Deck + instructions) Quite possibly the cleverest trick in the world. FISM 2006 Gold Medal for "Best Invention", plus it Fooled Penn & Teller. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Out of stock. $50.00 $40.00
NLP & Magic, other secrets by Mathieu Bich - Book This book presents the subtle alliance of Neuro-Linguistique Programmingand magic. Here you discover all the techniques of persuasive communication central to a magic effect. How can you bring an intense emotional experience to your spectator?How can you use persuasion with elegance?These and many o
In stock. $35.00 $17.50
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Nomad Pad 2.0 by Mathieu Bich - Trick Four years after the successful launch of Nomad Pad... Presenting the next generation. We have worked with Nikola since the Nomad Pad was brought to the market, taking on board user feedback to correct the imperfections of the old version. Discover the result of this work with Nomad Pad 2.0 You'll e
Out of stock. $120.00 $93.60
Tiny Plunger by Mathieu Bich, Jon Armstrong and Garrett Thomas (DVD + Gimmick) A PROVEN crowd-pleaser. Mind-blowing magic with an instantly hilarious prop. What are you waiting for? Take the plunge!
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The Newsletter Tricks - Regular Edition by Mathieu Bich (Book+DVD) The first ever DVD/book by Mathieu Bich! Get all 10 tricks of the project "Newsletter Tricks" in one volume, as well as 5 new and never-before-published bonus effects and 2 hidden bonuses ! You'll blow away both spectators and seasoned magicians. This DVD (for the demonstrations) / Book (for the exp
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The Newsletter Tricks - COLLECTOR'S EDITION by Mathieu Bich (Book+DVD) This Collector's Edition is signed and numbered (out of 200) by Mathiew Bich and includes prepared gimmicks for all 10 tricks and the 5 bonus effects!The first ever DVD/book by Mathieu Bich! Get all 10 tricks of the project "Newsletter Tricks" in one volume, as well as 5 new and never-before-publish
Out of stock. $85.00
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