Penguin Magic is proud to feature Professional Magician Oz Pearlman. Oz is one of the hottest young magicians in the US. He performs regularly at top restaurants, parties, and corporate functions.

For more information on Oz the Magician please visit his website at

Oz's Top Ten Penguin Tricks

This is a list of the 10 STRONGEST effects on the site (in my opinion). Most of these effects have been part of my act for years, and some are new additions. These tricks have served me well. They help make my act memorable and entertaining. I'm sure that they will elevate your repertoire. I'm certain you'll enjoy the terrific reactions they will elicit from your audiences.

Most importantly, have fun with these tricks and let your own personality shine through in your presentation. Born to Perform.
  1. The Stealth Pen - This effect satisfies every criterion for being a "perfect trick". You carry with you a normal pen, writes and looks exactly like every other pen, yet at a moment's notice and with no setup you can penetrate a spectator's bill with seemingly NO manipulation, and then you end TOTALLY CLEAN, pass the bill and pen out for examination, and NO RESET, you can do it again right away. This is the ultimate. Step aside American Express, its now the Stealth Pen, you shouldn't leave home without it.

  2. In a Flash - Jay Sankey makes some incredible magic and this is the height of visual magic. It fries audiences and is a part of my show. With just a piece of flash paper and a borrowed quarter, in a flash becomes a memorable showpiece. And you're going to smile everytime the spectators say to you, what are you going to do now that you ruined your deck?

  3. NFW - The name says it, just as i said it the first time I witnessed it, just as your spectators will say it, possibly yell it! There is No &*$@ing Way that those FOUR jokers i saw turned into FOUR ACES!

  4. The Brainwave Deck - Here is a trick that stands the test of time. The price is far too low for an effect with such enormous impact. You simply can't go wrong with it. This trick is only limited by your imagination in terms of your presentation. It can be a side splitting routine filled with comedy, or an eerie display of mentalism bordering on the real thing. Every magician should have this trick.

  5. Rising Card - Animations and levitations always amaze people. Transfiguring the laws of reality is what its all about. When that card rises out of the deck while in THEIR hand, their eyes just light up, and I can't follow it up with anything because that's as good as it gets. I have had people approach me a few years after a show, and still remember how I made that card lift up in their hand. Do not underestimate the power of this effect.

  6. The Ultimate 3 Card Monte - This trick can be presented for one person or a roomful, its just that strong. I use it often, and love the reactions I get. Be sure to check out Bill Malone's hilarious presentation of the Ultimate 3 Card Monte on Disc 1 of his On the Loose Series. You can't beat the price on this one, for the effect you are receiving.

  7. Color Monte - This is hands-down one of the best packet tricks of all time. It packs small and plays big, and the ending is simply wonderful. It always surprises them, and everything is totally examinable. You'll carry it with you everywhere.

  8. Vanishing Handkerchief - This is a classic of magic. The few bucks you will spend on the gimmick will go a long way. You'll use it in countless other routines, and its truly a utility item. Quite frankly, you aren't a magician without one.

  9. Blizzard - WOW. Another word, WOW. The first time I saw this, I was like wait a second.....Its a very cool trick, very unique, and very easy to do.

  10. Kaps on Fire Wallet - This is by far the best purchase I've made in the last year in magic. I use it ALL THE TIME. It is the perfect out when a trick goes wrong, and it is very well made. You'll find lots of ways to fit this into whatever type of act you do, as its good for a close-up, stand-up, even stage.
For more information on Oz the Magician please visit his website at
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