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CTG Red (Gimmicks & Online Instruction) by Peter Eggink

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Dynamo called it the best effect of Blackpool 2019: Peter Eggink's CTC project.

Peter's "hands off" approach to the "Coin Through Can" sold out in literally hours upon its worldwide release in 2019.

Through the year, Peter has been taking this concept and developed it even further only to come back better and stronger: a re-design of this fantastic concept now implemented in the classic "Coin Thru Glass" effect.

A classy, sophisticated version which will blow your spectator's minds. This is the ultimate "in the hands" experience that will create some long lasting memories.
After your favorite card magic, you borrow a coin from your spectator. Both you and your spectator initialize the coin. Next, the spectator is given the card box to hold and to isolate the surface of the box, a glass is placed on top of it.

From a distance, you aim...and "flick" the coin towards the glass...with a loud "clang" the coin magically and visually penetrates the fibers of the glass! This a truly shocking magical experience for your spectator: they feel, see and hear the magic happen right in their OWN HANDS.

The glass is removed and the signed coin is returned to the spectator as an astonishing memory of this amazingly magical experience.

You will LOVE performing this.

Points to remember:

  • Completely hands off
  • Under 100% control at all times
  • Use bills or rings
  • Resets in seconds
  • Durable and reliable
  • Perfect for restaurant workers and street performers
CTG by Peter Eggink comes complete with a ready to go, special engineered gimmick including online instructions.

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 15th, 2021
This is a pretty great product overall. Quality is great. Everything works as it should. It’s absolutely imperative that you take care of this gimmick. There’s three main components that all work in conjunction to make this effect possible. Only one of these components is fixable if you break it. This is not to say the gimmick isn’t sturdy, it is, but if you damage certain parts, game over.

I’ve performed this effect a couple dozen times and there’s never any heat on the gimmick during performance. Especially since you’re likely closing a coin routine with this, the gimmick becomes an after thought, a mundane item that’s being used simply out of convenience. Wonderful.

I’ve seen a couple reviews on social media which claim this effect is not a strolling effect, unless you’re table hoping a restaurant, and certainly not for a street magician as you have to carry a glass or clear cup around with you. I’ve heard it argued this is not practical. I found a simple solution to this buy utilizing a TCC clear card case. Most of the clear cases sold on the market have one side that is held together by magnets and you just remove it and drop the deck in. During performance you can use the clear card case as your “cup or glass”. Being able to use the case that you transport the gimmick in, as the “cup” the coin penetrates, is practical and opens the door to street magic.

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