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Synchronized Revelation by Dani DaOrtiz (Semi-Automatic Weapons Project Chapter 9) (Instant Download)

This shouldn't be possible. The deck is shuffled, then casually cut. A random card is chosen from each and yet both end up in the exact same position. So good it fools magicians, yet self-working!
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Synchronized Revelation

Dani DaOrtiz shares with you a fantastic card revelation that is also a masterclass in teaching a magician to discretely obtain information in real time. The effect begins when the deck is shuffled by the spectator. They take half the deck and then think of any number between one and twenty and deal a pile of cards equal to that number in front of themselves. They look at the card they dealt to; the magician mirrors their actions having another spectator remember a card from their packet. The magician and the spectator further mix their packets, losing their cards in the deck. The magician has the second spectator remove their card from the deck and reinsert it into their pack face up. The two packets are squared and dealt through, and impossibly when you come to the face-up card the thought of card the first spectator selected is in precisely the same position as the second selection in the magician's pack. It’s unbelievable.

This lesson is just under twenty minutes in length, but don’t let its brevity scare you. It’s packed with incredible techniques and subtleties that will level up your magic. Key takeaways for the student include:

Peripheral Vision
Dani shares with you the real work of using your peripheral vision as a secret weapon in your card magic. You will learn how to engage with your audience while picking up key details out of the corner of your eye. This has been one of Dani’s best tools for fooling magicians and laypeople alike, and now you get to add it to your arsenal.

Advanced Ireland Shuffle
The effect you learn will allow you to put The Ireland Shuffle in your spectator’s hands. This false shuffle gives people the feeling of a deck being thoroughly mixed but maintains the position of a card hidden inside the deck. Dani will be sharing with you new thoughts and theories that make this deceptive sleight a powerful tool.

Synchronized Revelation
The effect that you learn along the way is incredibly powerful. Combining the use of your peripheral vision with the Ireland Shuffle makes for an effect that looks like the magician couldn’t have any control over the cards. This is one of Dani’s favorite effects, and you can see the incredible reaction it gets from the knowledgeable magicians Dani performs it for.

Lesson Nine of the Semi-Automatic Weapons series features incredible theory along with an important lesson in discretely using your peripheral vision to gain valuable information during the performance of an effect. These powerful principles are a glimpse into the brilliant effects that Dani uses to astonish audiences across the globe. You are about to become privy to the secrets that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so disarmingly devastating. It’s time to go to school with Dani DaOrtiz in the ninth lesson of The Semi-Automatic Weapons Project.

To see every trick in this series, visit Semi-Automatic Weapons Project COMPLETE by Dani DaOrtiz.

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Very hard to understand Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 11th, 2022
I’m a huge fan of Dani DaOtiz. He always fools the hell out of me. The problem is, No matter how hard I try, I can’t understand his explanations.

This particular tutorial was even harder than usual to follow. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. I completely gave up.
1 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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So So clever Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 26th, 2022
If you can understand Dani in the demo, then you can understand English well enough to understand his explanation. He does have a strong accent, but it is quite understandable. The challenge however is that while these tricks are technically not difficult in that they don't require sleight of hand, they are not beginner tricks or concepts.

This effect, and all of the effects in this series requires some performance chops. I can't imagine a 17 year old me doing these effects (I am 57). If you are an intermediate magician, these are good effects to stretch your skills. Do NOT underestimate how hard these will be to actually perform. Dani makes it all seem so easy and smooth. It really isn't that easy. Once again, there is very little sleight of hand, but there is some sleight of mouth. You have to keep things moving in order to pull off this material, and that is not so easy. It is something I appreciate now, but is not something I appreciated when I was a young man.

Thanks again Dani for a wonderful series.
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Easy to perform but not bulletproof Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 17th, 2022
Fortunately, I don't have any problems understanding Dani, but maybe that's because English is not my native language and I'm always a bit dependent on my interpretation.

The effect is very strong and I will certainly try it, but it is not bulletproof. If the viewer shuffles differently than shown to him, it will fail.
Therefore no 5 stars.
Otherwise, as always, very entertaining and a good basis for figuring out your own tricks with this idea.
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Theory, Example, Practice Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 13th, 2022
First, as to this particular effect, it is a really neat idea that can use a borrowed shuffled deck that the spectator can handle for the most part. It is in the genre of a coincidence effect. Using one deck, cut roughly in half by a spectator, a card selected by the spectator at the number they think of matches the location of a card selected by another spectator using the other half.

Like most of Dani's effects, he has at least one theory to teach and provides examples of that in action...Yes, his use of english may be a slight issue...But, I have found that the more you watch him, the more you know what he is talking about even if his english is not perfect.

I also think that some of his effects and theories assume you have been doing card effects for a while and that you are comfortable with some basic techniques and interacting with an audience.

In part, I posted this because of the low star rating by another customer.
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The best of the best Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 12th, 2022
I have seen this concept used in many of his tricks, and now he presents it to us in a brutal new effect, explained in great detail. a genius.
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