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Kaleidoscope by Jay Sankey (DVD)

Over 3 HOURS OF BRAND NEW EFFECTS. Some of Jay's most CREATIVE work in years. Highly recommended.
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"Sankey's new DVD is jelly packed with fresh new PRACTICAL material that ROCKS!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!"

"Kaleidoscope is evidence that Sankey is pushing his work further than ever before. You'll see new plots, a wealth of non-card material, and several extremely clever card tricks. What every trick in this collection has in common, though, is that they are short and VISUAL routines. I watched the whole thing with delight."

"Jay Sankey's 'PIGGY BAG' is a fantastically visual and practical routine that would work beautifully in any close-up walk around situation. I also love Sankey's 'REMAINDER FORCE!' It's an exciting principle with many diverse applications that apply both to close-up magic and parlor magic. This principle can be used to create a fun magical effect or a very powerful mind-reading experience."

"Sankey's 'TENFOLD' is one of the sweetest Hundred dollar bill transformations I have seen in a long time!"

"This is a hard-rock DVD. Turn it, shake it, squeeze it. Out jumps devilish miracles and creative flash-points."


A SUPER-FRESH collection of ingenious sleight-of-hand stunners with pencils, cocktail swords, matchbooks, ice, borrowed bills, playing cards, sugar packets, keys, wooden matches, coins, sandwich bags, drinking straws and more!

The creative magic event of the year is HERE! Featuring 22 BRAND NEW sleight-of-hand creations from one of the most innovative minds in magic.

Stunning new routines for close-up, walkaround and stand-up repertoires. And the incredible collection of BONUS FEATURES includes bonus effects, alternative handlings, multiple performances and more!


Slide the point of a pencil down to the MIDDLE of the pencil and immediately hand it out for examination!

TRANSFORM a photograph of a quarter into a real quarter!

Cause a selected card to disappear and then reappear TRAPPED in a block of ice!

Break, chew and RESTORE a plastic cocktail sword!

Stab a pencil through the middle of a sugar packet and HEAL the packet!

Visually penetrate ANY coin with ANY pen or pencil without any switches! (Read that again.)

Vanish a borrowed bill and have it DISCOVERED inside a paper wrapped drinking straw!

Make a borrowed coin melt inside an ordinary plastic baggie, not once by TWICE!

STEAL all the matches from a matchbook held in a spectator's hand!

Slam an ice cube through the bottom of a plastic water bottle and hand out the bottle for close examination with the cube STILL INSIDE!


This is sleight-of-hand magic that LOOKS LIKE REAL MAGIC. All accomplished with Jay's signature 'real world' practical methods you will really use!

Experience the detail and depth of instruction Jay is famous for, including insights into performing conditions, audience psychology, spectator management, and so much more!

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Okay Well its Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 11th, 2010
Unforchanatly unlike Sankey's older work which was superb, his newer material is so easy to tell how its done by the performance its not really worth buying... This however is not bad. From what I can tell about Sankey's magic, he makes material that will usually easily fool a layman but is extrodinarily simple in method and easy for a magician of almost any level to guess it's method. This style of magic making in comparison to the usually produced "magician fooling magic" which not only fools spectators but also fools magicians is more towards what people want. As for this DVD you certainly learn a plentiful of nice tricks, more guided as bar-working magic. Really the material all incredibly Sankey-Simple, so if your wanting so immediate tricks for that kind of setting then this is for you. If not your money certainly can go towards material more worth your money.
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Not bad, but not a top choice Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 28th, 2010
I purchased Jay's "very best" (which is no longer available) years ago, and Kaleidoscope was the second product I got from him.

I have to say... creative, but if you think you already have enough experience, it's not nesssary.

He's a great teacher and puts alot of thought into each trick, but after watching the performance I could figure the trick out each and every time, leaving about 10% of the explanation worth watching.

If you're just into magic and know your beginner stuff, this DVD is excellent, however, if you're like me, go get some impromptu tricks
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Too much prep. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 10th, 2013
First of all I would like to say by no stretch of the imaginiation did I not like this DVD, it was a goo DVD and I thought about giving it a four but I found that too generous.

The problem is there are a few filler tricks that you will never use and there are some good ones but require quite a bit of prep and don't reset BUT having said that piece de resistance is absolutely incredible and if you have a TKO 2.0 or UCCU then you will find it extremely practicle as long as you make about 15-20 gimmicks to load onto the deck during the night.

But for hobbyists like myself (although I would like to become a full time pro someday) you will get quite a few good tricks for you and based on what the hobbyist will get out of it I give this a 4.
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