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Leap of Faith by SansMinds Creative Lab - DVD

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Leap of faith creates a powerful connection between you and your spectator.

SansMinds Creative Lab has modernized a classic plot and made it even more streamline and visual.

Imagine a thought of card, that only the spectator knows, visually vanishes in the performer's hand and reappears in the spectator's hand.

No more complicated moves and you can quickly reset the effect.

When the effect is finished you will leave your spectator an impossible experience and a question in mind.

How did you do it?

This is Leap of Faith.

Check out the trailer now to experience the impossible moment!

*Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.

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I don't think I'll purchase anything else from SansMinds. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 18th, 2019
You know that exciting feeling when you're opening a new magic trick. When it feels like Christmas. You feel like a child.

And you know that often times second feeling you get, when you see what's in the magic trick that you've paid $30 for. And you feel like you've been conned. Ripped off. Like a sucker.

SansMinds has been selling that feeling for years.

When you open this product that SansMinds is charging $30 for. THIRTY DOLLARS!! You'll see a DVD (so they could justify not selling it cheaper as a download), and a little teeny tiny envelope will fall out with a couple tiny M#@$!ts inside. That's it! That's why they couldn't sell it as a Download? Because they had to ship me those tiny things that I can buy on ebay for like 5CENTS a piece? That's the reason this is a $30 trick instead of a five dollar download?!!!!! That's it??!!!!

Sands minds couldn't even be bothered for the $30 their charging for this, to send they're customers some loose playing cards, so their customers don't have to cut up a deck to make they're own gaffs.

For $30 you should be including the gaff. You can buy some pretty amazing high quality tricks for $30. How many tricks come with an entire gaffed deck for $30?!! Sooo many!!! And they're pre-made for you. Great tricks! There are countless. Yet, SansMinds thinks this idea is soo good that you'll get your $30 DVD and then go cut up a deck you've bought separately to make it. For this effect!?

And guess what, in the performance video....surprise surprise!! They'll be outside of the Roxy (a bar) in Vancouver showing it to drunk people. Oh, you mean wasted drunk people might react a little more over the top than a regular spectator when you show them the trick? Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. It's again a sort of cheap ploy to not show it to the sort of spectator that most magicians normally perform to/for. Guys like Mathew Wright do a great job of of their performance videos, because they show you the trick table hopping, at weddings and in all sorts of real life environments. So you see how it could look when you have it ready. How many working magicians are really going to perform this on a street in front of a bar at 3am? To wasted drunk people? Cus every magicians favorite target market.

And on the back of the DVD, it says TV rights not included?!! When you're charging $30 for a couple of m$#%#@ts?!! But you can't include the TV rights? Although it should just say can't be performed on TV, because in the tutorial they also tell you that it can only be performed under soft dim light. And you should try to put your shadow over the card too. Otherwise people will see the giant line of the gaff. So, they're saying on the back of the DVD case you have to contact them to perform it on TV, but inside the trick they're telling you that it actually just CAN'T be performed on tv...or in the light. A card trick that can't be performed in the light? Great!

That's exactly what you'll get for $30. Something worth about $5. A trick where you'll have to make your own gaff, with all your own stuff, except for the 5CENT thing they send you. Once you spend the hour making it, you'll not be able to perform it anywhere well lit, and you should try to cast your own bodies shadow over the gaff because it's soo obvious in any sort of light.

SansMinds better hope that real magic doesn't exist, because I have a feeling that professional magicians have been cursing them for years, when they open packages containing things like Leap Of Faith.

Other than those issues....... it's a great trick.

One Star.
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Really 4 1/2 Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 27th, 2017
It really is an amazing effect. I am a young magician so I have trouble making the gimmicks for effects. I had help with this one and to be honest it looks hard but it really isn't hard. If you have unboxing and we're able to make the gimmick you would not have a hard time with this one. I recommend NOT using Rubber cement because it would blend through the peeled/Split cards. Also leave the middle layer if possible. All you get in the package are 4 Tiny things and an excellent dvd. Except at the end when the words are off. You will learn how to do and build this effect in order to work. For the g8mmick use the Jack of clubs and spades. It looks better than the one they use. Also the gimmick looks weird but is easily hidden. Light is only difficult if you have the cards right in the face so stretch your arm when you show the cards. Also give them 3 secones to look at the cards because if your gimmick shows to much once Spread then they could possibly see something. I showed it to a few people and it blew their mind and I messed up so it is okay.it is amazing how well hidden the gimmick is. I recommend it. If you have the t8me and the cards to spare to make this one work then it is worth it. And remember the g8mmick is hidden very well and don't forget about the timing while they memorize. Also the change isn't hard to do. I hope this review helps someone. It may be Sansminds but this one could be a worder if practice is put into it.
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