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Forcing Dice Set by Diamond Jim Tyler - Trick Finally, there is an affordable set of normal looking force dice on the market! In the past one was lucky to find one of these dies, and even then one had to constantly force the same number. Now you can give your audience the illusion of choice!These 7 LUCKY DICE can be used for magic effects wher
In stock. $49.95
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Dice Cup (Cup Only) Dice Stacking - Trick This Dice Cup is ideal for use with any dice stacking routine. The cup itself is approximately 3 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter.
In stock. $5.00 $3.85
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Live Without a Net by Richard Osterlind and L&L Publishing - DVD Richard Osterlind Live . . . Without a Net! Richard Osterlind . . . Captured "Live" in Reno, NV! For the first time on DVD, you'll see Richard Osterlind in his natural performing environment, presenting startling mentalism and amazing magic for an audience made up entirely of people who happened to
In stock. $99.95 $49.98
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Draun on Dice (DVD) Learn four of the best dice routines developed by the masters! Plus, a special bonus: Draun's Ambitious Card Routine! Highly recommended for serious magicians and pros.
In stock. $29.95
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The Ivory Connection by Reed McClintock and Steve Dobson - DVD What is The Ivory Connection? The Ivory Connection is the name explorers gave to the secret pathway leading from a clever pocket trick from the 1940's to a stunning magical experience of today. The Ivory Connection was discovered by professional performers Reed McClintock and Steve Dobson working in
In stock. $32.50 $16.25
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Loaded Dice (Acrylic, Red) - Tricks Roll 7 or 11 every time with this red, acrylic pair of dice. 19 MM
In stock. $5.00 $3.85
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Snake Eyes by Aldo Colombini - Book Stunning routines using ordinary dice and a deck of cards!From the Preface:Dice and cards-what a nice combination! And what incredible effects they can produce when they team up! In this book you'll learn some of the best routines in the field using nothing but regular dice and (except for one routi
Out of stock. $20.00 $16.00
The Complete Ganson Teach-In Series Deluxe Edition by Lewis Ganson and L&L Publishing - Book SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION The deluxe version of The Complete Ganson Magic Teach-In Series is a beautiful volume that matches previous collector's editions from L&L Publishing, featuring gold-foil stamping, special matching end papers, and a different binding than the regular edition. What's mo
Out of stock. $175.00 $134.75
Daryl's Fooler Doolers Volumes 1-3 (DVD) This astonishing three-volume set teaches you some of the most entertaining magic you'll ever see.
Out of stock. $105.00 $91.88
Extreme Dice Stacking with Gerry (DVD) Some Of The Most Creative Dice Stacking Routines Ever Invented, Taught By A World-Champion Stacker
In stock. $34.95
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Cubism by David Forrest - Trick CUBISM. It's a chop cup - but not as we know it! Years in development, Dave Forrest has finally realised a personal ambition and is very pleased to be able to offer magicians worldwide the most organic chop cup in existence! A beautiful, professionally made leather-bound chop cup complete with TWO p
Out of stock. $75.00 $57.75
Die Box (professional all wood) - Trick The sucker Die-Box is a classic of magic that has stood the test of time. This beautiful die boxes are designed and handcrafted by master wood workers. Even the die is made of wood. Simply beautiful!The magician shows a solid wooden die and a wooden box with two compartments and four doors the die i
Out of stock. $125.00 $97.50
Rhine's Dice by Matt Mello Read a spectator’s mind using an ordinary set of dice.
Out of stock. $14.95
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