Color Sync by David Jonathan Each of you secretly chooses a color, five times. When the cards are turned over, THEY MATCH PERFECTLY. Self-working, no skill required! Pros are raving. FREE SHIPPING.
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PRISM: The Color Series of Mentalism by MAX MAVEN (Hardcover) The most influential mentalism book of the last 50 years, PRISM contains polished routines guaranteed to amaze audiences. FINALLY BACK IN PRINT.
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Psypher PRO by Robert Smith (Download+ Gimmicks) The greatest mind-reading device ever. Portable, easy to use, and DEVASTATING. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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52 Stunner by Juan Capilla They think of any card, and you reveal it without any sleight of hand.
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Black Door by Riccardo Berdini, Antonio Argus and Adriano Amerio (2 Envelopes) Pros are calling it a game-changer. This hands-free switching device unleashes power never-before-seen in mentalism or magic. EACH UNIT HAND-MADE. LIMITED SUPPLY.
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Acidus Novus by Millard Longman (Instant Download) THE underground mind-reading secret used by professionals, finally taught on video. Learn to read what's written INSIDE a folded piece of paper. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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Eternity by Emran Riaz (Gimmicks + Download) An IMPOSSIBLE prediction of ANY number, ANY word, literally ENGRAVED in a medallion they've been holding THE ENTIRE TIME. LIMITED SUPPLY. ORDER TODAY AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
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Alias Wallet by Colin McLeod While your head's turned, your spectator puts a secret drawing into your wallet and you instantly know what they're thinking. RESERVE YOURS SOON. 0 AVAILABLE.
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Premise & Premonition (4 DVD Set) by Luke Jermay and Vanishing Inc. - DVD Luke Jermay is widely recognized as one of the most prolific and respected mentalists of our time. A true auteur, his style of mindreading has affected the way many performers view their craft. In this set we see Luke performing a wide range of material from practical cabaret mentalism to miracle-le
Out of stock. $75.00
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