A coin rises under your complete control with no possible explanation. https://t.co/mIuvL..

The Vault - SOS (Son of Stunner) by Paul Harris video DOWNLOAD Paul Harris' ingenious no-gimmicks color changing deck!
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The Vault - Water Trap by Bro Gilbert (From the TA Box Set) video DOWNLOAD Bro Gilbert's unimaginably cool new approach to Doug Bennett's Signed-Coin-In-Matchbook plot. A genuine breakthrough new method that allows you to quickly prep a normal matchbook in ten seconds! Watch the trailer, and you'll see a signed coin vanish from a spectator's hand - only to appear inside th
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REFILL for Souvenir Linking Loverbands (20 link, 10 single, BANDS ONLY) by Alan Wong - Tricks 20 linked heart shaped and 10 matching single refills for Souvenir Linking LoverbandsLinking LoverBands is a strange beautiful visual dream. Two separate red bands suddenly link...then slowly and visibly morph into two rubber band hearts! It's the perfect romantic souvenir for the ladies. You have t
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Refills for Movemint (3 pcs MAGNETIC) - Trick Three magnetic refills for Movemint by Darryl Vanamburg.
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Refills for Movemint (Ungimmicked) - Trick Includes an ungimmicked box of mints. Used for Movemint by Darryl Vanamburg.
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Reel Magic Quarterly - Episode 1 (Paul Harris) - DVD Contents:Paul Harris talks impromptu abouttechnology mastery and astonishment"Try This At Home" with Garrett Thomasthis episode Garrett looks at the fake take"Off The Shelf" features John Lovick's new hundred dollar bill switch book "Switched"Andrew Pinard's Continuum a look at those who influence m
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Gut Buster by Andrew Mayne (Equipment + DVD) You step behind your assistant and then proceed to shove your hand straight through their body!
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TA: True Astonishment by Paul Harris (Box Set) (9 DVDs + Props) The best DVD set of the last 5 years just got EVEN BETTER. From the most influential man in modern closeup magic, Paul Harris. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Movemint by Darryl Vanamburg (DVD + Gimmick) Without touching it, a mint rises, spins, flips EVEN VANISHES. All in your complete control. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Pocket Bizarre by Peter Eggink (DVD and Gimmick) A perfect back pocket production where your hands NEVER come close the pocket. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Souvenir Linking Loverbands (20 link, 10 single, DVD) by Alan Wong - Tricks TWO NORMAL RUBBER BANDS LINK, VISIBLY MORPH INTO TWO PERMANENTLY LINKED HEARTS...THEN ARE GIVEN AWAY AS A ROMANTIC SOUVENIR!Souvenir Linking LoverBands is created by Alan Wong on the ten-year anniversary of his best selling rubber band effect "Stargazer".Paul Harris and Alan Wong had the same dream
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