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Magick Balay LIVE (Instant Download) Find out why David Roth calls this man "The greatest magician I know". SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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John T. Sheets LIVE (Instant Download) Versatile close-up and neat pieces for stand-up that manipulators will love. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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Napkin Rose by Michael Mode (Instant Download) The greatest give-away since the balloon animal!
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Rose to Silk by Tony Clark A rose magically transforms into a silk scarf.
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Reynold Alexander LIVE (Instant Download) Many touches on classics and clever routines like you've never seen before. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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BLUFFF (Appearing Rose) by Juan Pablo Magic New from Juan Pablo Magic - BLUFFF! Show a spectator a beautiful, black silk scarf. Blow on the scarf, and a beautiful image of a rose appears on the scarf! Super visual! Then fold the scarf, and magically produce a large rose out of nowhere! This gets amazing reactions.
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BLUFFF (Chinese Characters to Happy Birthday) by Juan Pablo Magic New from Juan Pablo Magic - BLUFFF! Show a spectator a beautiful silk scarf having Chinese letters written on it. Blow on the scarf, and these instantly change to the phrase, Happy Birthday! Super visual! A marvelous way to wish Happy Birthday to your spectator!
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Spring Flowers Glitter #18 by Mr. Magic - Trick Beautiful 18 spring flowers. These flowers take up minimal space but create a maximum impact.
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The Rose Routine by Rocco video DOWNLOAD Learn Rocco's Rose Routine... Make beautiful roses appear, multiply, and disappear on command with this stage and parlour classic. Gimmicked roses are not included however Rocco goes over the simple instructions on how to make them at home.
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BLUFFF (Numbers & Pips to 10 of Hearts) by Juan Pablo Magic New from Juan Pablo Magic - BLUFFF! Have a spectator select a card from the deck. Present a beautiful silk scarf filled with images of many numbers and pips from playing cards. Blow on the scarf, and these instantly change to a large image of the spectator's card! Super visual! This gets amazing rea
In stock. $39.95
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The Floating Rose by Kevin James The magician invites a lady from the audience to participate. He crumples a paper napkin into a little ball. It begins to dance on his hand and then up and down his arm. He then transfers his power to the spectator and she is able to command the ball to dance. He then opens the paper ball showing th
Out of stock. $50.00 $37.50
Napkin Rose by Michael Mode (DVD+12 Napkin Roses!) The greatest give-away since the balloon animal!
Out of stock. $19.99
Appearing Flower & Rising Wand Flower Appears and EVEN RISES!
Out of stock. $2.50
Appearing Rose - Instant (Varies) First cover your hand with a silk. Or just produce the Rose from Thin Air!Something suddenly takes shape under the silk.You whisk the silk away to reveal a Beautiful Red Rose at your fingertips!This colorful, versatile production item can be presented in a number of ways.Collaspes to fit in your han
Out of stock. $5.00
The Phantom Rose By Tony Jackson (Instant Download) A jaw-dropping miracle! Blow minds and win hearts...
In stock. $6.95
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Appearing Rose EFFECT #1: The magician freely shows a handkerchief on both sides, then reaches under the handkerchief and immediately produces a beautiful long-stemmed rose!EFFECT #2: The magician walks out on stage, reaches up into the air and produces a beautiful rose at his fingertips!Easy To Conceal Looks Grea
In stock. $29.00 $22.33
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Rose & Vase by Wenzi Studio Presented by Bond Lee - Trick Now they come in white! With this amazing apparatus, you can produce a white vase by flame, then magically have a rose appear in the vase. The magician is able to produce three more roses in an elegant way. Rose & Vase items include: Gimmicked white vase (built-in electronic flasher and rose pro
Out of stock. $89.95
Y-Rose by Mr. Y & Bond Lee - Trick When you produce roses, you reach your audience's emotions! Here's the ultimate rose gimmick for manipulators. You can instantly produce 4 roses from thin air! Created by Mr. Y, a local awarded stage magician. Each Y-Rose is handcrafted to ensure a fluid performance. Y-Rose provides you with various
In stock. $79.95
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Piano by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) video DOWNLOAD In this video download, Amazo performs three different effects: The Rose in the Vase: After a flash of fire or after covering a vase with a fan or scarf, a rose appears inside. Infallible Flame: A candle lights up automatically at your command, without using chemicals, cotton or flash paper. Infalli
In stock. $11.00
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Botania 30 Bloom by Tora Magic Add excitement and brilliance to your magic by producing these beautifully colored feather flowers! This botania looks stunning when it surprisingly appears. The flowers are gorgeous! Truly a worker's prop. Dimensions: 70 70 70 cm
Out of stock. $650.00 $325.00
Wilting Rose by Strixmagic - Trick A hilarious and brilliant alternative to the classic Breakaway Rose!! Now using a realistic, large rose with a very long stem! You hold a large, long stem rose and hand it to a spectator. Once the spectator raises the rose, it DROOPS halfway! The look of surprise on your spectator's face makes this
Out of stock. $60.00 $30.00
Acrobatic Rose - Trick Acrobatic RoseEffectThe Magician removes a beautiful long-stem red rose from a vase of assorted flowers and shows the rose to the audience. He then pulls an elegant long silk from his jacket pocket and shows the audience that he has only the silk and the rose in his two hands. He puts both hands out
Out of stock. $85.00 $63.75
Endless Rose (Props And DVD) by Horace Ng - Trick This brilliant rose magic effect is created by Horace Ng. Imagine that you come on stage and pick up a full sized red rose. No matter how many times you pluck the rose away, the rose keeps reappearing on the stem again and again. Dramatically, the rose changes its color as a climax! The gimmicks are
Out of stock. $48.00 $37.44
Original Auto Silk to Rose by JL Magic - Trick Do you want to charm and amaze your audience? Then Silk to Rose is what you've been waiting for. Very elegant magic using a silk and a rose - nothing more romantic than this! A magician shows the audience that he has one 45cm silk in one hand and, in the other, a stem having no flower. The magician
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J Rose by Jeff Lee - Trick Floating Rose This looks miraculous! A rose is placed into an elegant looking vase. It is then partially covered by a scarf. Soon the rose and vase begin to float in the air, as the magician holds onto the scarf. It is just like vitality floating in the air. Even when surrounded by the audience, the
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