Royal-T by Gordon Bean Comes complete with everything you need to perform right out of the box. This mind-warping 3-card monte is done face-up!! FREE SHIPPING.
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Temptation by Gordon Bean - Trick Of the hundreds of people on whom Gordon Bean field-tested his new effect, Temptation, a particularly notable spectator was one Greg Simko, C.E.O. of the U.S. Playing Card Co. One evening, Mr. Simko was at The Magic Castle to discuss a custom deck being made for the film Shade, and when asked to per
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Stars trick - Gordon Bean EFFECT: Each of four cards is shown to have a large star on its front and back. One of them then magically changes to a card covered with many stars! The remaining three cards then also change to cards with red stripes, and when the four are put together they form an American flag!Comes Complete Eas
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Entourage by Gordon Bean - Trick Effect"This is one of the great packet tricks. Bravo!"- David Regal"...a card trick that is not only a no brainer to perform, but certainly has the potential of becoming an instant classic. Whether you do strolling magic at parties, work behind the bar, table-hop at your local restaurant or just do
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Bikers by Gordon Bean - Trick A Packet Trick that Actually Makes Sense! Have you ever looked at the joker in a Bicycle deck? I mean really looked -close enough to see that the royal figure out for a ride isn't just any royal figure; he's the King of Spades. Based on this observation, the effect of Bikers is crystal clear and pro
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Color Blind Deck by Gordon Bean - Trick This is a wonderful variation on Paul Curry's classic "Out of This World." Effect With nearly no assistance from the magician, the spectator performs the impossible: Separating the black and red cards from each other--without looking at the faces of each card. The kicker comes when the spectator rea
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The Limited Edition Deluxe by Gordon Bean & Larry Jennings Pro magicians' favorite think-of-a-card trick, now better than ever! A thought-of card vanishes from your hand or theirs! FREE SHIPPING.
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Monte 3.0 Gordon Bean & MagicLab Starting with a bang, the effect builds to a killer climax, After a very clean transposition of a red ace and a black two -- happening right on a spectator's hand -- you'll be holding three cards face down. Though the audience will be convinced that these are a red ace and a pair of black twos, they
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