The Magic Square by Luis de Matos - DVD A professional Magic Square routine from the repertoire of Luis de Matos. Members of the audience call out numbers at random. Unbelievably, from these the performer is able to construct a perfect magic square. All the columns, rows, diagonals and corners add up to the same number. Not only that but
In stock. $35.00
The Enigma by Paulino Gil and Luis De Matos - Trick Enigma has been a feature of Paulino Gil's impromptu work for nearly 30 years. A wonderful close up effect in which a loop of string penetrates through the fingers again and again under increasingly impossible conditions. Enigma was one of the most talked about tricks at the Essential Magic Conferen
In stock. $35.00
Maestro by Rene Lavand and Luis De Matos - DVD Rene Lavand is a true master of magic. An elegant and dextrous magician who turns every performance into a theatrical experience. Now you can see Rene Lavand performing his professional show at the Ajuda National Palace in Lisbon, Portugal. Shot on multiple cameras and in high quality video this is
In stock. $150.00
Allegro by Mago Migue and Luis De Matos PROFESSIONAL MAGIC FROM ONE OF SPAIN'S LEADING PERFORMERSMiguel Puga, also known as MagoMigue, reveals some of his most cherished secrets. More than two dozen professional and award-winning routines including five of the best stand-up routines you will ever see.MagoMigue is one of Spain's leading pe
In stock. $150.00
Bravura by Paul Daniels and Luis de Matos - DVD PAUL DANIELS REVEALS THE ACT THAT MADE HIM A STAR Paul Daniels is one of the world's leading magicians. A star of stage and television. Now he reveals his professional act in a DVD set that will be a landmark in magic publishing history. This is essential viewing for anyone wanting to become a profe
In stock. $150.00
Professional Floating Ball by Luis de Matos - Trick The Professional Floating Ball is designed to resemble a disco mirror ball. The subconscious idea is the ball must be heavy if it has to be held above a dance floor by chains and rods. This makes it the perfect element for The Floating Ball. The Professional Floating Ball has a 12 inch diameter and
Out of stock. $1250.00
Unreal by Joshua Jay and Luis De Matos - DVD THE BEST OF MAGIC FROM THE MIND OF JOSHUA JAY Joshua Jay is a performer, writer and creator. In Unreal he performs and explains some of his finest effects. Practical, tried and tested routines that amaze audiences and confound magicians. The album also includes his professional theatre show recorded
In stock. $150.00
Professional Sands of Desert by Luis de Matos - Trick Luis de Matos finally releases his unique version of the classic "Sands of the Desert." What became his signature piece is now available to the professional performer through a very limited number of units.The performer introduces the effect with a story about alchemy. On stage is a glass bowl fille
In stock. $1250.00
Legacy by Finn Jon and Luis de Matos - DVD FINN JON IS A MASTER OF LEVITATION. No one knows more about levitating, animating or suspending objects in the air and in this DVD set he reveals all including his marvelous Floating Sphere and a gimmick he has kept secret for 50 years. Finn also explains the magic that has taken him around the worl
In stock. $150.00
The Red Envelope by David Sousa and Luis De Matos - DVD The Red Envelope is David Sousa's award-winning silent act. This act inspired a generation of world-class manipulators and champions and led to David being appointed Honorary Professor at the Academy of Magical Arts in South Korea. In this themed act a red envelope appears, transforms and vanishes i
In stock. $35.00
Figurine (DVD and Props) by Lennart Green and Luis de Matos - DVD Lennart Green created a sensation when he first introduced Figurine to the magic world. It is an amazing demonstration of magical origami. A piece of paper is folded and sculpted into a perfect miniature statue, a figurine. It is one of the most intriguing close-up effects for years and makes for an
In stock. $35.00
The Mirage by Dani DaOrtiz and Luis De Matos - Trick The Mirage is one of Dani DaOrtiz's favourite routines. It is a special deck of cards that combines elements of Hofzinser's Transformation Pack and Robert-Houdin's Protean Pack. It enables the performer to transform a deck of fifty-two different cards into a deck that is all alike. Not just once, bu
In stock. $35.00
The Perfect World (DVD and Deck) Mago Migue and Luis De Matos MagoMigue's rendition of the Paul Curry classic takes it into new territory. Four spectators shuffle a deck of cards and without looking at the faces try to guess which are the black cards and which are the red. It sounds impossible but when the packets of cards are turned over the incredible has ha
In stock. $35.00
The Stolen Cards (DVD and Deck) by Lennart Green and Luis De Matos This is one of Lennart Green's favorite effects. You show the audience a special deck of cards. Every card has a different back. You tell the spectators that each card was stolen from a different poker game, a souvenir of a winning night.You take two of the cards and place them face-down on the tabl
In stock. $40.00
The Egg Bag (DVD and Gimmick) by Luis de Matos - DVD Luis de Matos performs and explains his professional routine for the Malini Egg Bag. In this classic effect an egg vanishes and reappears inside a little black bag. What makes this version so strong is the finale in which a live chick is produced and given to the astonished child volunteer. This eff
Out of stock. $40.00
The Floating Ball (DVD and Gimmick for Ball) by Luis De Matos - DVD AN AMAZING ILLUSION FOR THE SOLO PERFORMER ONE MAN OPERATIONNO MOTORS OR ELECTRONICSNEW 100% ORIGINAL MOVESEASY, SIMPLE AND QUICK SET-UPSTART CLEAN, FINISH CLEAN9 PHASE ROUTINE "When I saw Luis' original routine and method I was stunned. You really can't believe the control Luis has created."- PAUL
In stock. $40.00
Reloaded by Dani Da Ortiz and Luis de Matos - DVD DANI DAORTIZ RETURNS WITH A NEW SELECTION OF ASTONISHING MAGIC! Dani DaOrtiz reveals the real secrets of professional card magic. From self-working miracles to psychological mysteries. Dani's routines are renowned for their entertaining plots and ingenious methods. A true card star. Dani DaOrtiz REL
In stock. $150.00
The Mindpod (DVD and Gimmick) by Joaquin Kotkin and Luis de Matos - DVD DIVINATION OF A THOUGHT-OF TUNETwo sets of cards are shown. They resemble mini iPods and contain the titles of 100 popular songs. The spectator mentally chooses one of the songs. Then removes two cards that bear the title of the selected song. The performer can instantly name the thought-of song. A
In stock. $40.00
The Bound Deck DVD and Gimmick (Blue) by Juan Luis Rubiales and Luis de Matos - DVD AN IMPOSSIBLE COINCIDENCEAn incredible coincidence effect performed under impossible conditions. You divide a deck in two and bind each portion so that it becomes a book of cards. The spectator chooses a card from one book. Dealing through the books simultaneously the chosen card falls at the exact
In stock. $45.00
The Bound Deck DVD and Gimmick (Red) by Juan Luis Rubiales and Luis de Matos - DVD AN IMPOSSIBLE COINCIDENCEAn incredible coincidence effect performed under impossible conditions. You divide a deck in two and bind each portion so that it becomes a book of cards. The spectator chooses a card from one book. Dealing through the books simultaneously the chosen card falls at the exact
In stock. $45.00
The Opongo Box (DVD and Gimmick) by Juan Luis Rubiales and Luis de Matos - DVD THE ULTIMATE COIN BOXJuan Luis Rubiales has created the ultimate coin box. It's an Okito, Boston and Slot Box all in one. It's an ingenious combination that enables you to create routines that baffle even the experts. Rubiales performs and explains five different effects including Come and Go, an in
In stock. $70.00
OL (4 DVD Set) by Juan Luis Rubiales and Luis De Matos - DVD The astonishing stand-up and close-up magic of one of the finest magicians in Spain. Juan Luis Rubiales, reveals in OL his favorite effects and most closely guarded secrets. His distinctive take on classic plots make for some of the most baffling magic you will ever see. 34 AMAZING ROUTINES FULLY EX
In stock. $150.00
Essential Magic Conference (EMC) 2011 by Luis de Matos (8 DVD SET) THE SECOND ESSENTIAL MAGIC CONFERENCE ON DVD NOW! The first Essential Magic Conference was rated epic by its members. The second, in 2011, was pure magic! Now you can have a front row seat at magic's most innovative event and join 33 of the world's greatest thinkers, creators and performers in magic
Out of stock. $150.00
Essential Magic Conference (EMC) 2010 by Luis de Matos (8 DVD SET) EMC2010 was a remarkable event and this is an incredible set of DVDs packed with great material!If you did not register for EMC 2010 you can buy the DVD Box Set from your favourite magic dealer.The world's first internet conference for magic and magicians is now available in 8 DVDs. Every moment was
In stock. $150.00
Intercessor 2.0 by Gaetan Bloom and Luis De Matos (DVD + Gimmick) The Intercessor is a unique gimmick that makes miracles possible. Created by the inventive Gaetan Bloom and used in his professional shows for many years, it enables you to do most baffling versions of the classic card in orange. Indeed any effect in which a selected card is torn to pieces and then
In stock. $50.00
Extreme (Human Body Stunts) 4-DVD Set by Luis De Matos - DVD 12 Human Body Stunts performed and taught by Luis De Matos.The Essential Magic Collection, a new series of instructional DVDs featuring the best in professional magic. The first release is Luis de Matos's EXTREME: Human Body Stunts for Professionals. A four DVD set, containing twelve different stunt
In stock. $190.00
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