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Silent Treatment (Original) by Jon Allen

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Here's what some people have been saying about it:

"Jon Allen has put together a professional-caliber routine - a perfect opener - that combines novelty, charm, humor and magic. As an added bonus, it is cannily idiot-proof."
- David Regal

"A stunning piece of magic and theatre, brilliantly constructed from beginning to end."
- Richard Sanders

"The Silent Treatment is a great opener. It is novel, clever, funny and a fooler. It's hard to beat a combination like that!"
- Gene Anderson

"The Silent Treatment left me speechless! Another brilliant idea from the devious mind of my favourite English magician!"
- Boris Wild

"This trick is just too good. One of the best openers I ever saw in magic."
- Mathieu Bich

"The Silent treatment is a real winner. A great opener that draws the spectators into an unusual scenario that develops into an incredible magic effect."
- Shawn Farquhar

"This routine offers atmosphere, expectation, comedy, fun and is topped of by a truly magical finale."
- Nicholas Einhorn

"This is one of those killer tricks you wish you had thought of. Great concept! Great method! What more can you ask for? I highly recommend this lovely piece of magic."
- Angelo Carbone

"Silent Treatment is a real attention-grabber. I can't be silent about this any longer. Read my words..."It's grrrrrreat!"
- Scott Wells


Without saying a word, you bring out a set of boards. Each one has something written on it which you show instead of talking. Someone is asked to think of a playing card. After some entertaining yet silent by-play, you reveal one of the most startling conclusions...

Employing a rarely used premise in magic, The Silent Treatment is an extraordinary routine that will intrigue and draw in your audience right from the very first moment, then leave them gasping at one of the most surprising and stunning revelations in magic.

The Silent Treatment can be carried in a jacket pocket, is fully self-contained and can be performed at a moment's notice. Ideal for close-up, table magic, walk around and stand-up presentations, The Silent Treatment is unlike any other routine you may perform. Easy to do, easy to understand and yet it delivers a truly magical and mind-boggling finale... all without saying a word!

The Silent Treatment is made from high quality, hard wearing materials to ensure that you will be performing this for a long time to come...

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Fantastic Mentalism Opener! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 10th, 2015
I bought this effect when it first came out years ago and I've been using it in my mentalism act ever since. It's a fantastic opener for mentalism but also works in your normal magic show as well. The props itself will last you a very long time. I've had mine for well over 5 years now, and the props still look like new.

The dvd explains everything very well, and Jon is a very good teacher. The quality of the dvd is not that great compared to say L&L publishing, but it gets the job done. The execution of the trick itself is very easy to do. You only have to do two moves to make it work, and in some cases you don't have to do any moves at all to achieve the outcome like the trailer. In either scenario, it looks that clean. I love the premise behind this effect.

People are wondering why you aren't talking, and the climax of the effect ends up being the reason you weren't talking in the first place. The audience goes, "that's why he wasn't talking the whole time because the thought of card was in his mouth since the beginning". It's really an unbelievable revelation for the audience. I highly recommend this effect as it will become a staple in your act for years to come.
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very clever Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 30th, 2013
Somewhat simple and definitely a reputation maker. Repeatable with different results....not going to say anything more.
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Great effect Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 31st, 2012
People go nuts over this. Not hard to do - but I would put some work into it to make it great! Easy to learn on the DVD. Well made. I lvoe it - !
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