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SWITCHBOX (RED) by Mickael Chatelain

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Would you like to travel in time?
How many of you would like to do it?

How can a card, visible from the beginning, be the card that the spectator will select in a moment?
A total mystery, as the spectator's signature proves that there is no switch or duplicate of the card. The card visible from the very beginning is indeed his card!

Here, word for word, is the routine that you can present as soon as you receive your SWITCHBOX:

Take a deck of cards from your pocket.
Call attention to the folded card on top of the case, held in place by an elastic band.
Remove the deck from the case, and hand it out for shuffling and examination. It's a normal deck.
Invite a spectator to take any card from the deck and sign the face.
The card is lost in the deck.
Ask your audience how long they think it will take you to find the card.
Explain that to make the challenge even more difficult, you'll put the cards behind your back.
Finding a card without being able to see the deck would be impossible, no?
Your spectators give you 10 seconds, say. You bring the deck behind your back and come out immediately with a card in hand. It's the wrong one! You try again! Still the wrong card! You have clearly not risen to the challenge.

BUT, are you sure? Take the card that has been folded on the card case since the beginning of the trick at the tips of the fingers.
No, it's not possible, your spectators will say to themselves. The card has been there since the beginning and no one has touched it.
You hand the card to the spectator and invite him to unfold it.
I know it's completely impossible, but the card he is now holding is his signed, selected card! It's HIS signature, it's HIS card! Absolutely NO DOUBT!

Note the following:

- NO manipulation!
- As easy to do as it is incredible!
- The box does EVERYTHING. Nothing to do! The card changes instantly, just as you approach it!
- Resets in less than 20 seconds!
- The subtle mechanics and precise manufacture take care of everything!

Each box is handmade to fine tolerances. Your hand approaches the card and the card is immediately and automatically switched for another. As simple as that!

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 15th, 2018
(I'm not showing as a purchaser because I got this on Open Box auction).

As usual with Mickael, he seems pretty pleased with himself while glossing over any problems his mechanical effects may have. "It's invisible! It's perfect!" While the gimmick is as perfectly constructed as possible, it does show in certain lighting scenarios, and in fact shows a few times even in the video. Not "invisible", but I think some handling adjustments can deal with that. The big problem is the noise this thing makes when switching, which is amplified by the empty card box. You'll need both distance and significant ambient noise to cover, which obviously limits your opportunities to perform it. Mickael does not address the noise issue AT ALL in the video. To his credit, he does not mute the noise in his video. The result is a bit comical as he performs the switch, and every time the noise blows the effect. I am going to try to redesign the gimmick with some padding and slow down its operation. It won't be usable for the visible instant switch, but as-is it can't be used for anything in most environments except a very loud club.

The description says "No manipulation." That's ridiculous. You need to either force a card, or control a selected card. A secret card fold is useful, but not required. You need to finger palm. Mikael doesn't teach these easy sleights in detail, but touches on them briefly. Anyone who would use this device probably doesn't need a detailed review.

The video is fairly easy to follow, and filming and editing are acceptable. Some variations are briefly suggested. The effect should be very hard-hitting, but as presented doesn't capitalize on the potential the gimmick offers (again, assuming the visibility and especially NOISE issues are addressed). I'll come up with my own presentation and I suggest you do the same. The card box must stay out of the spectator's hands and you are ending dirty. I think when I redesign the gimmick it will allow for putting the cards back in the box and putting them away while attention is on the signed "prediction" card.

Not for everybody for sure, but recommended with reservations. Obviously a lot of time must be invested in making the gimmick, but the price is still high in my opinion.
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