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MAXX SOUTH 2019: St. Petersburg: May 31-June 1, 2019 (Full Registration)

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What is it?

The Penguin Magic Experience and Expo (MAXX) is a two day magic-FILLED event in St. Petersburg, May 31 - June 1, 2019. It is your chance to hang out with, and learn cutting edge magic from some of the world's best magicians. And when we say hang out with, we mean it. Hanging out is ON THE SCHEDULE.

MAXX has everything you love about big magic conventions, all at a fraction of the normal magic convention price, and in 2 action-packed days. We're busy. You're busy. Spending 4-7 days away from home, away from family doesn't work for many people.

You will see and learn great new magic. You will hang out with the worlds best magicians. You will make new magic friends, new magic memories, and have a blast.



5:00p-11:00p - Registration Opens
5:30p-9:00p - Magic Expo Dealers Room: This is a fantastic opportunity to see and buy some of the best magic available.
7:00p-8:00p - Nick Locapo Lecture
9:00p-10:00p - Headliner Panel and Q&A: Ask your magic questions to any of the headliners in this star-studded panel discussion and Q&A session.


9:30a-10:30a - Brent Braun Lecture
11:00a-12:00p - Garrett Thomas Lecture
11:00a-6:00p - Magic Expo Dealers Room
12:30p-1:30p - Lunch Break
1:30p-2:00p - Nick Locapo Workshop
2:30p-3:00p - Joe Rindfleisch Workshop
3:30p-4:00p - Special Guest Workshop
4:00p-5:30p - David Stone Lecture
6:00p-7:00p - Dinner Break
7:00p-8:00p - Dan Harlan Lecture
8:00p-9:30p - Magic Show
9:30p-12:00a - The Penguin Magic Jam Session: Ask anyone of the headliners anything you like, this is YOUR time to hangout and ask all the questions you thought of too late, to see the moves you wanted a closer look at from the show or from a lecture, or to swap jokes, moves or just generally gawk and get autographs :)


  • David Stone - David Stone is known for having the best lecture in magic because he is so entertaining and his material is incredibly strong. Since 1999, he has performed his lecture on the art of Table hopping (professional magic in restaurants) at Magic conventions in more than 19 countries and is one of the most famous French magicians outside his country.
  • Garrett Thomas - Garrett is known for being an innovator as well as one of the top card, coin, and ring manipulators. His original effects, extreme technical skills, and keen understanding of human psychology culminate in highly visual, entertaining, and often enlightening routines.
  • Dan Harlan - One of the most prolific creators in the world of magic, with incredible hits like Starcle, All-Seeing Eye, Hover-Card Plus, Vortex, and many, many more. Also well-known as the host of Penguin LIVE and the mastermind of the Tarbell: Every Trick in the Book series. For this special Penguin Magic Experience, Harlan has prepared a lecture highlighting his latest innovations, plus a few old favorites, to illustrate the importance of a well-structured performance. Learn how to prepare professionally-polished presentations
  • Nick Locapo - Nick Locapo is one of the hardest working magicians in America. Over the last decade he has he has performed his close-up and stage act for over a million people, and thousands of organizations.
  • Brent Braun - Brent Braun is consistently regarded as one of the top creators working today and has created some of the top selling magic of the last two decades including Torched & Restored, Position Impossible as well as his five-star rated Decks and Deceptions. He will be sharing powerful, real-world material by blending practical methods with sound theory, presentation, and showmanship. This is your chance to learn not only how Brent’s magic works but why it works.
  • Joe Rindfleisch - In the past few years, Joe has taken the art of Rubber band magic to new heights. Using nothing more than a few rubber bands, he recently received a standing ovation at Obie’s 4F Convention for his act with rubber bands. Joe also produces the very best rubber bands coated with Elastraflex. Currently there are fifteen different colors of bands in his product line.
  • Cameron Francis - As a close up magician, Cameron is well known for his off-beat, quirky style of magic. He has performed all over the country including the Close Up Gallery of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is also a regular performer at Wizardz Magic Theater in Orlando, Fl.
  • Ryan Schlutz - Ryan Schlutz is best known for his “moveless magic” that fools many magicians on a constant basis. Ryan’s well-choreographed subtleties and carefree style leaves witnesses with a feeling of astonishment with no signs of foul play. He is sure to amaze even the toughest of critics. He is the author of Making the Cut, a well-regarded book amongst his peers, and has taken the magic community by storm! His signature “moveless” brand of magic has been featured in DVD titles such as Miracles Without Moves, Effortless Effects and Only Slightly Sleighty.
  • Erik Casey - Magic meets luxury. What happens when an expert woodworker meets an expert magician? Crafted Magic. Products designed by magicians for magicians, but built by an experienced woodworker to ensure the absolute highest quality items.
  • Shaun Dunn - Shaun Dunn has been a major player in the magic industry for over 12 years. His creations have been featured in award winning books as well as part of of the monumental True Astonishment series. He has worked with countless magicians and been an important decision maker in over 1000 individual magic products. His advice along with his sharp eye for what sells has helped many magicians succeed in the magic industry and now he is sharing some of that wisdom with you.


All-inclusive TWO-DAY registration: $149.95

Whats included?

  • 5 Full Magic Lectures
  • 3 Workshops
  • Dealers Hall Access
  • Saturday Magic Show Ticket
  • Saturday night Penguin Magic Jam Session Pass

Location/Hotel Details

St. Petersburg Mariott Clearwater
12600 Roosevelt Boulevard, North
St. Petersbug, FL 33716

Discounted Room Rate $119
Expires May 10th

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This Was One For The Books Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 2nd, 2019
I was only able to attend Saturday's lectures and scheduled workshops, but as you saw from the lineup...Awesome Magician Overload!
As I excitedly drove from my home cleeeeeear on the other coast of Florida in order to try and make the day's first lecture at 9:30am; I was already stoked that almost every headliner and workshop host is, in fact; a huge mentor/influence figure on my magic, but to know I was racing to see one of my most-recent influences, Brent Braun; had me lead-footing above a possible $600 speeding ticket! (It was early, the cops hadn't even made it to the donut store yet! I made it in record time!) issues with parking. They allowed us to park ANYWHERE at the hotel/conference center. That made my mad dash for the registration table even easier. Got checked-in even quicker and immediately spotted Penguin's Nick Lacapo chilling next to some of the new Penguin releases so I had to say "Hi" and see if I could con him into demoing a couple. The guy didn't even hesitate, and proceeded to destroy my mind with new stuff that you guys will be seeing later this year from Roddie McGhie (another creative mentor of mine and his "borrowed ring on borrowed key ring will destroy your senses!), Brent Braun (you guys/gals are gonna love his new packet trick, "Definitely NOT Marked" -A faux gambling/real-time card marking demonstration that gets so out-Of-hand that in addition to turning vibrant & unique colored backs, they somehow TEAR THEMSELF and erase color from their backs at the performer's will! It looks INSANE and w/Brent's patter-idea; it's funny as hell!), Robert Smith, Nicholas Lawrence and more. Thanks to Nick for being so cool and literally making himself available to anyone who wanted to speak to him between his MC'ing the whole lecture sessions. What a rad guy! (Oh, I hope he'll forgive me for tipping that he does, in fact, have the most insane and REAL MAGIC looking "Hummer card" routine you will EVER witness! Ask about 20 other dudes & doodettes that stood googly-eyed as he was "just noodling around" with it, side-stage before everyone came back for the next lecture. It was real magic, no doubt. Nick knows voodoo! LOL!)

All the lectures were not only informative, but I think, if you added up, monetarily, the cost of the (average) 3 or 4 performance-quality effects you learned from each lecturer, you'd have spent about $600-$700 easily! That totally MORE THAN JUSTIFIES the $150 (drop in the hat comparatively) registration! Couple that with the goody-bag you get at the onset which is about $100 of cards (one a Boris Wild marked Bicycle Deck) and tutorial DVD samplers as well as a rad current issue of Penguin Magic Monthly and I prolly should've gone to jail for theft!

No doubt I'll be back, no matter where I may be living next year because they tour with this insane, magic roadshow, so not just us tan folks are able to enjoy! Folks; this is no puffing; This is a GREAT convention. Highlights for me: meeting my mentors; spoke to Dan Harlan, Shaun Dunn, Ryan Schlutz and Garrett Thomas in a relaxed, lobby chat for over an hour at a lunch break and was further wowed with magic theory and tips that just shot outta these guys like t-shirt cannons in my face! Also meeting Brent Braun, Joe Rindfleisch and David Long after their INSANE mind-melting lectures and witnessing the theory and logical subtlety they have mastered and exude, was surreal! They shared personal secrets and they doled it out like glasses of water to thirsty laborers. It was crazy to leave and not feel a "part of something that not everyone is allowed! I can't say anything at all negative about my experience!

Spot-on, gang! A memory that all magicians should have during their lives. Well-done Penguin. Very, very well-done!!!!.
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