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Falkenstein and Willard- Masters of Mental Magic- #1, DVD

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Performance Only
So much more than an act, it's an entire show-but a show that can go anywhere, anytime, anyplace-a show that actively involves the audience throughout in the mystery and fun!

  • Glenn's Blindfold Readings - Glenn's world-famous, 17-minute signature Q&A act. This is the act that launched Glenn's career and has kept him on top for two decades!
  • Falkenstein & Willard's Award-Winning Two-Way Mindreading Method - A legacy from "The Great Mardoni's." This act demonstrates a rapport which can be developed between couples.
  • The Gypsy Mystery Rope Escape with volunteer - A smash finish for any show! Full of mystery and fun, can be performed close-up & surrounded. Leaves the audience astonished and laughing. Calls for a volunteer (ideal if the volunteer is a CEO).
  • Interview with Michael and Hannah Ammar - Pay close attention while Falkenstein & Willard share a lifetime of tips on showmanship and the psychology of mentalism which has earned them an international reputation as two of the most highly versatile, world-class exponents of mental magic and spirit theatre.

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What?! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 9th, 2010
I was kind of annoyed with this video series. Disc 1 is performance only and disc 2 has the methods of disc 1. Are you kidding me? Talk about trying to stretch out the material. This was really annoying to me and had I known I wouldn't have bought disc 1.
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Legends Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 10th, 2017
These people are legends. I was fortunate enough to see them perform live, where they received a standing ovation. This material is priceless on these downloads. Its a result of a lifetime of work. I was shocked to see it here on penguin.
Although there are very doable commercial routines, the diamond area of this video, would require you dedicate as much time as you would for an advanced card manipulation act. Hours and hours of memory work. It's just fascinating to watch even when you know what they are doing. True you will need to get both parts, but the fact this remarkable couple provided a lifetime of experience is a tiny price to pay. I honestly don't think they did it for the money, I believe they did in the hopes someone will carry on their work. Again there is also plenty of commercial material thats not so difficult included as well so you don't need to be scared to buy it.
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