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The Lost Luggage Book Test - by Matt Packard

A professional level book test you can make at home!
Price: $20.00
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

This is a very practical book test method I created many years ago and have used extensively in performance. Nothing half baked here.

I came up with this while pondering what I would do if I lost my Flashback and MOABT books before a gig. However - I've been so happy with this method that I've used it along side those books.

What is it?

Well, this is a way to take pretty much any 2 books and turn them into a powerful book test that rivals many of the gimmicked books out there. Yes, the books are gimmicked, but it's something very easy you can do yourself in about 15 minutes or less. Calling it arts and crafts would be a major overstatement.

This is a combination of known principles, and to be honest I'm surprised that this technique isn't widely used as it seems like a logical step. I'm sure you'll have a "why didn't I think of that" moment.


- Free choice of page, no forces, absolutely repeatable.

- Can be any word (or multiple words) on the top line of a freely chosen page (there are a few limitations, but it's very flexible).

- Totally customizable - you can use any types of books you like and also choose entertaining revelations.

- No memory work.

- Nothing for the spectator to see - they can even keep the book if you want.

- Accomplishes exactly the same thing as a number of gimmicked book tests, but can be made for pennies.

The Lost Luggage Book Test also includes a bonus routine - The AWAPAT Book Test. This is a way to turn any 'first word' book test (such as Marc Paul's AAA book test or one of the Flashback books) into an 'any word on any page' test. It's simple gambit but I've used it effectively for years in impromptu situations.

Here's what some performers are saying:

"I really enjoyed The Lost Luggage Book Test, and can totally see myself spending a half hour to put it together.

(I wrote a half hour, because that is how long it would take me, as I can see myself mulling over certain decisions here and there. It might only take you 15 minutes.)

It is one of those simple and practical ideas that we all love. Simple and Practical.

Speaking of simple and practical, I also really enjoyed the AWAPAT Book Test, which is also included in the e-book. I think I will also use this one.

There was a Great Minds think Alike moment when I read the AWAPAT instructions, as, for a moment, it touched on something that I considered long ago – not in the context of a book test – but do not really perform, because I find the move difficult to do repeatedly and convincingly while under close scrutiny.

Thankfully, Matt replaces that difficult move with a much easier almost self-working handling. I DEFINITELY like that, and will use it for other things too. Again, Simple and Practical.

This should have been called the S&P 500 Book Test. Wait, is S&P 500 taken? I need to Google that.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this a 9.

I subtracted a point because the AWAPAT instructions includes references to some very well-known book-test methods, but cannot describe them because they are the intellectual property of other fine creators.

Still, the untaught methods are very well known to most (even I know them, and I am not a book test guy), so if you find that you are already familiar with them, you can add a point back to the review score and make it a perfect 10."

- Elliot Bresler

"While Matt says this a a great routine to do if you lost your luggage, hence the name, I'll have to disagree in that I think it is worth more than. It is solid thinking, entertaining, and one would be well suited to even spend an afternoon making up SEVERAL of these books and just leave them scattered around your home.... "ummm.. err.., I dunno... why don't you just grab me a book somewhere..."

I like this sneaky-sneak clandestine gaffing a lot, and if you PERFORM, this is well worth your time and the reasonable cost.

Nicely done, Matt!"

- Bryn Reynolds

"This is easy to prepare and precisely the kind of "sneaky" I enjoy and it easily rivals many of the commercial book tests that are available. I love the fact that you can do this with pretty much any book as well. Great work Matt!

You definitely can't go wrong here considering the price he's asking for this. Highly recommended."

- Sudo Nimh

"Friends, this is wonderful. You can go into any used (or new) book store, pick up a couple books, do a little something (that's fast and easy to do) and in about 15 or 20 minutes, be ready to perform a brilliantly deceptive book test.

The word the participant selects does NOT have to be the first word on the page. It might be the first word in some cases, but their word also might be the longest or the last word on the first line. It will vary from performance to performance, even if you use the same books!

And, if you so choose, the spectator can keep the book! The very book from which they selected a word, which you revealed, is their's to keep. It's completely ungimmicked.

This is truly deceptive thinking at its finest, and I am delighted to have The Lost Luggage Book Test in my arsenal."

- Stunninger

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Fantastic! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 30th, 2019
There are so many book tests out there and I am not a fan of most, as they aren't examinable. This one is so clean that it never gets questioned. Just to be clear, I have never written a review on a Penguin product until now. I cannot praise this enough! Read it carefully and think before you go sprinting in to create. I now have a three phase book test for my show that is making audiences actually believe that it isn't just a "trick".
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Even if you haven't lost your luggage... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 14th, 2019
I LOVE this method!
If you are fan of book tests, don't let the title fool you.
This is not just for when you've lost your other book test(s), as this is better than a lot of the book tests I've used over the years.
It's my current preferred method, which is a feat in itself, seeing I can't even count the amount of book tests I've use over the years.

You will need to do a bit of setup, but it's actually a fun process, and you can personalize it for your own taste.
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