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Cairn - Mnemonica in Minutes by Adrian Fowell (Instant Download)

Mnemonica memory aid, memory system
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Cairn - Mnemonica in Minutes

Mnemonica, by Juan Tamariz, is one the most (if not the most) useful full-deck stacks in magic. Unfortunately learning its secrets can be nigh on impossible no matter the technique used, leaving many magicians and mentalists unable to exploit its power.

‘Cairn’ utilises a traditional mnemonic memory technique in a unique, easy-to-understand way that's been adapted from the ground up for the Mnemonica stack. it allows you to memorise the order of the cards, from top to bottom in just a few minutes. The mnemonics used are combined with two other principles to enable the easy recall of the location of any card in the stack - and vice versa.

Normally, a mnemonic system can have the user remembering - or trying to remember - up to 104 pieces of information. Cairn cuts this down to a tiny fraction of that amount.

If you've no knowledge of mnemonics it will take you maybe 30-40 minutes to have the stack down to the point where via Cairn, you can recall any card at any number and vice versa. From then, the more you practise, the faster it will become for you until you're not relying on Cairn at all - you simply know the stack.

Whilst this will not work for everyone, (if you've tried mnemonic systems in the past and had no success you may struggle), a selection of the feedback from testers for which it did work speaks for itself:

"I have it down solid. This comes as quite a surprise to me. In the past I had passed on learning a full stack because I felt like the upfront work was simply too painful (and some of the systems both ridiculous and too expensive). I can definitely say that the system can be grasped in less than one half hour. I had it down in about that much time. I feel like you nailed it."

"I must say that I truly feel that it's easier than other methods on the market. Before Cairn, I was trying to learn the stack through a video, but the entire process was confusing since I wasn't familiar with some of the "subjects" it used. I'm confident that with a little more practice, I'll be performing mem deck work in no time. This method is efficient and straight to the point. I much prefer this over anything else I've tried so far. Big thumbs up from me!"

"A lot of work gone into this and I feel comfortable with the system, I like it, great thinking."

"This has been very satisfying, and I feel like I've learnt something I was avoiding even attempting for many years. Thank you very much for sharing this with me. It was honestly very effective."

Supplied as just a 3000-word PDF, ‘Cairn’ is your gateway to memorized deck work with the Mnemonica stack. Don’t let the brevity of the supplied information put you off, it contains everything you need and is designed to be as straightforward as can be.

Cairn is presented in English but adaptable to other languages with effort. It can also be adapted to any other stack you care to use, again, with effort.

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