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Heart Stamper Part for Double Cross (Refill) by Magic Smith

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This is a Heart Stamper Part for Double Cross. It allows you to secretly stamp a heart on the spectator's hand. The heart it produces is made to look exactly like it was drawn by hand. This is the heart stamper only - you must already own the Double Cross pen in order to use this gimmick. The size of the heart is approximately .28" x .28".

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Doesn't fit sharpie. Would be less hassle to make it yourself. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 24th, 2020
Was excited about this. We all wanted more choices when it comes to the Doublecross stamper.

It's a very good trick, but unfortunately that means half of your competitors are performing it.

TWO PROBLEMS with Doublecross:

1. All magicians doing Doublecross are drawing an X on performer's hand, then X appears on spectator's hand.
2. The trick is both simple to describe and unique; this means it's easy for the curious to google.


How about NOT having thousands of magicians drawing the exact same X on their hands?

Enter Heart Stamper.

Very disappointed in this. I might as well have spent a few hours making this myself, or asking/hiring someone who can do stuff like this to make it.

PROS: You can make it work. You can do the same Doublecross you've been doing, but instead of the X (like every other magician does), you did a heart.



By that I mean it barely squeezes/snaps in there.
Once you've snapped it into the end of the Doublecross sharpie, it takes struggle and wincing to pull off the stamper from the end of the Sharpie marker.

With my original X stamper, I could effortlessly, casually pull of the stamper using the tip of my middle finger and my thumb.

With THIS heart stamper, I need to squeeze the stamper between the middle of my thumb and the middle of my forefinger, then twist it and tilt it until it comes loose--FINALLY I've got the stamper out of the sharpie, but I've got black ink all over my fingers.

2. The heart shape looks too perfect and too "sharp" or narrow.

Most people can draw a perfect plus sign or cross. It is two straight lines. You raise no suspicion when you draw two small, straight lines. That's doublecross.

Drawing a perfectly symmetrical heart shape is another matter.
The heart shape looks like a stencil of an unfriendly heart (by "unfriendly" I mean it's narrow/not plump.

Nobody draws a heart shape like this.
It doesn't look like a hand-drawn heart shape.
It looks like a stamp.

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Clever idea Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 20th, 2019
First thing I thought about when I saw this was released on penguin was that this definitely opens doors for some cool presentational ideas. It does not disappoint as like all magic we are trying to connect with our audience not just fool them. I love it and it gets my recommendation for sure
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