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Modern Feel Jerry's Nuggets (Red) Playing Cards

Price: $12.00
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Worldwide Distribution is expected NOVEMBER 2019; AFTER Kickstarter orders are fulfilled.
The images shown are prototypes only. Final production may have some variations.
Modern Feel 1st editions will have limited production.

The most iconic deck of cards ever to be created. Now Jerry's Nuggets Playing Cards are your EVERYDAY cards!

In 1970, Jerry's Nugget Casino printed what would become one of the most collectible playing card decks ever manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC). They made them for the tables but opted not to use them and put them in storage for 20 years! Playing card expert, Lee Asher, recognized the unique quality and feel of these cards and began evangelizing about them. In due course, Jerry's Nugget playing cards became legendary.

By the fall of 1999, these cards sold out, yet the demand continued to grow. Today, authentic Jerry's Nugget cards are among the most desirable and expensive modern decks on the market. After more than three years of pursuit and negotiation, a deal with Jerry's Nugget Casino and Expert Playing Card Company is making them available again!

In homage to the original decks, we have decided to print with USPCC on their Premium stock (formally called Bee stock). We are THIN CRUSHING this stock to the thickness of an original Jerry's card. And while these new decks won't feel the same as the originals, we've modernized them for today's tastes. They will be the perfect thickness (or thinness, in this case!) to handle today's sleights, flourishes and cardistry with ease. You will love these cards!


The Modern Feel Jerry's decks will be TRADITIONALLY CUT, which makes them perfect for faro work! They will shuffle bottom up so table faros will be a breeze.


Unlike almost all other custom decks that are printed one sheet (one deck) at a time, these Modern Feel Jerry's Nugget decks will print on the biggest and fastest press in the USPCC factory - THE WEB PRESS!

The Web press prints on huge rolls of paper and works extremely quickly, printing both sides, crushing the stock, coating both sides, heat curing the cards and cutting out the sheets in about one tenth of a second per deck! This unique printing process is the best available way to make cards at USPCC.

Once you feel these cards, you will see that the quality speaks for itself.


  • Authentic Jerry's are now available to EVERYONE
  • Thin Crushed USPCC Premium (Bee) stock for the Modern Card Feel
  • Traditionally cut
  • Original Back and Face design, including the original Jokers and Ace of Spades
  • Printed and crushed on USPCC's WEB press for outstanding handling
  • Priced low so that Jerry's can be your everyday carry

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Shoddy cards, worse support Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 23rd, 2020
My initial impressions of the Jerry's Nugget reprints were not positive. Terrible quality control that makes the cards nigh unusable for card magic, and a card missing from all of the decks. But, I still gave 2 stars since they cards felt nice out of the box (until you look at them).

So, why the update and a drop to the lowest rating possible? Because the folks at Expert Playing Card Company don't seem to care that their cards are misprinted, or that a promised card (that they're still advertising as included) is completely missing.

Tried to get a hold of them. No response. Posted a comment online, and got a response immediately. My reply to them went unanswered before I had to contact someone at Murphy's to see if they could help with replacing the defective cards. Only then did I get their attention.

Their first suggestion was that my unopened cards must be OK, even though the sampling of the decks I took showed them all to be misprinted to some degree. Then, there was an intimation that I should inspect all 24 of my decks to see which ones are defective. Imagine doing that to a collectors' item.

Then, the line was that the "finished product may differ in appearance from what was advertised." When your mission was to replicate a legendary deck of cards to the best of your abilities, having entire decks misprinted doesn't really line up with that mission. Even so, having the backs misprinted and misaligned so horribly wouldn't be acceptable for even a budget throwaway deck, let alone a "premium" deck.

The dream was fun while it lasted, but this project did not hit the mark. What's more, Expert Playing Card Company does not seem interested in providing support unless you start making your dissatisfaction public. Otherwise, good luck getting them to respond.

These cards should have been good. They are not. The quality control is exceptionally poor and the customer service from Expert is even worse. Until they fix the quality control issues, these cards are just overpriced garbage. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.
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