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Nirvana by Joe Deng

A jaw-dropping miracle. Re-seal a deck of cards you were JUST USING with a wave of your hand.. and hand it out immediately. 16 IN STOCK.
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"A visually convincing moment of stepping backward in time." -PAUL VIGIL

"A stunning, visual effect with many possibilities. Whether It's presented as a healing touch or a step back in time, "NIRVANA" has the potential to annihilate egos and instill bliss in any witness" -JARED KOPF

"Smart design, clever principles and direct handlings make Nirvana a great piece of magic for the hobbiest and pro. Play with this fun new toy for a few minutes and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Five star rating!" -Lee Asher

Imagine this…

First, you display an ordinary card box from ALL angles and open it up—so your audience can SEE the full deck inside. You even pull a card up out of the box!

Finally, you return the card to the deck and close up the box.

What comes next looks nothing short of impossible…

The card box is completely SEALED! The entire box is covered in unbroken plastic wrapping. You can invite your audience to inspect or even OPEN the box—the possibilities are endless!

This easy trick is an astonishing opener, and the perfect closer to any card act. Nirvana looks like master sleight-of-hand, but in reality—the gimmick does all the work!

You can do a multitude of other illusions with Nirvana by Joe Deng... vanishes, appearances, changes, and it is only limited by your imagination!

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Ingenious little gaff to spice up my cold deck work. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 28th, 2020
I very selfishly take risk on magic purchases in the hopes that I can add another one of those slow hand killer subtleties that happens and passes in an offbeat and ultimately ends up flooring an audience. This is one of those utilities. If you are purchasing this as an effect in its own right, which is can be. You’re probably going to be disappointed. I cannot see myself using the gaff in this way.

The instructions are not complex or difficult to follow, but they are not in English. I believe the gaff can be customized, but at $40 retail cost. I don’t see myself doing too much experimentation with the stock gaff, but I can see myself probably making one from scratch someday? Also if you have a preference over a red or blue Bicycle deck usage, be sure to ask in advance. THIS IS NOT MADE CLEAR at time of purchase! DID I MENTION THIS IS NOT MADE CLEAR AT TIME OF PURCHASE? I ordered two based on a comment made in the Magic Café and I am glad I did. I now both a red and blue gaff to cover both primary bicycle deck colors, but I mostly work exclusively with red Bicycle or Phoenix decks.

Used properly in in a cold deck transition this gaff is an absolute killer. If you already perform competent cold deck work this gaff is stupid simple to use. I am thinking about using it with Flat Pack. If you are inexperienced with cold deck work, like I said you could use Nirvana as trick, but I don’t believe the impact will be as profound, but it might be encouragement to start learning cold deck work.

I am going to give this release a 5, but it is a borderline 4 with the absence of instructions and lack of clarity on the default gaff colors.
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
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nirvana Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 28th, 2020
VERY disappointed.Only got 1 gimmick when the tutorial says we received 2.Instructions in sub titles and not very concise.Many other people on the private thread expressing concerns regarding functionality,quantity of gimmicks and being puzzled about one part,either from misunderstanding or if it was even made right.My new mantra:No more $40 box tricks. No more $40 box tricks.Might be first time I send one back to end up in open box
2 of 2 magicians found this helpful.
Did this review help you? 2 comments
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