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Invisible Deck Kicker (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by David Penn

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Use this custom printed deck as an INCREDIBLE follow up to 'Invisible Deck' or as a stand-alone routine.

The '52 on 1 Card' has always been a great gag, but David Penn has turned this gag into a fully routined miracle! A miracle that happens in your spectator's hands.

Under test conditions, one card is placed on your spectator's hand. They are asked to name ANY card. You explain that if the freely named card is on the other side of the card in their hand, then they need to get you a drink. They take that bet!

When they tum over the card and discover the '52 on 1 Card,' it's a great gag. The '52 on 1 Card' is then placed either face up or face down on the spectator's hand.

Under impossible conditions, the card they freely name turns over, not in the deck, but IN THE PICTURE on the card that they have been holding the entire time!

You will never get offered so many free drinks!

Brand new from the creator of Coinvexed, Mystery Solved, Topit 180 and The Gimmicked 52-1 Deck, this is INVISIBLE DECK KICKER by David Penn.

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A LOT BEHIND TRICK Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 4th, 2020
THIS might be going in the desk draw ,there is a lot of moves and what gos behind trick they should tell the moves just in case you can not do or you do not like doing that move and having to wear a jacket,this has been edited ,the trick is longer then he shows on demo a lot to remember with out making a mistake ,this trick is once you stop for a week how dose this work and he has been doing this a lot when he made it up probably weeks a course ,this should have come whit DVD ,a lot to remember.
5 of 5 magicians found this helpful.
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Just in case...you don't wear glasses.. A Solid Solution Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2020
OK folks.. I'll be Frank...
This card trick is absolutely First Class but...... You.. And I mean you as the performer need to know from the outset that....
Your eyesight will... And I I am emphasising Will.. Determine how you perform it..

You see the indices on those small cards may be difficult to read if you are suffering from presbyopia... This happens to us all when we reach the 40plus years in life...
However this should not hold you back from performing it...
So when I purchased this trick and went over the method, a 48 Yr old with perfect 2020" vision who doesn't wear glasses aside from reading, I discovered I was having a hell of a time trying to see what I needed to...
I was doing my noodle in..
What's more when I viewed tge demo in its entirity looking for suggestions to overcome this I didn't find any...
David Penn wears glasses do he is accustomed to this and probably able to discern the small cards quite easily with his bifocals but I don't tend to need to wear them.
It's a big tell to anyone if you have to put your specs on for a certain part of the trick that your looking very carefully at something..
I don't wear glasses as a norm do it would certainly telegraph something.. So what am I to do..?

FIX IT.. of course... and Fix it I did...

I am trying as I type during Lockdown to get hold of David to add my alteration to this miracke card trick do that those of you who do struggle with small text don't have to...
What's more you can get twice the mileage out of this deck... If you use my alterations...

This does not and I emphasise this Does Not detract in anyway shape or form from the outstanding work David has put in but instead allows us with lesser sharp vision at close up distance the freedom with which we probably performed when we wee younger and with which we are more used to.

So in my opinion.. If you want a Top Notch effect that you will 100% carry around with you and perform close up.. Which resets easily in seconds and the card can be different everytime.. Get This and then contact David through Facebook for my addition to give you FREEDOM... No matter what your vision...

Thanks Nic
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Invisible Deck Kicker Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 23rd, 2020
This is a nice fun trick only if you can see the names of the cards fast enough. I hope if a rerun of these decks are made they will redesign them and only have 2D...7S...AC...etc etc.printed at the top of each card. There would be plenty of space for an increased size to identify them much faster.
Did this review help you? 1 comment
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