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False Anchors Set (Book and Gimmick) by Ryan Schlutz - Book

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Ryan Schlutz has become a master of creating incredibly deceptive effects that require almost no sleight of hand. In this book, he teaches a concept he has honed for over 20 years called False Anchors.

Within these pages you will grasp how to create a False Anchor, to change a person's perception so it becomes their new reality. You will learn techniques that erase any trace of a suspicious moment from your spectator's recollection, so the only thing left is pure astonishment.

You will learn several close-up and parlor effects. In addition, Ryan teaches you new ideas that extend well beyond the effects shown within this book and can be immediately added to your existing routines.

This collection of effects was initially released as three separate volumes but promptly sold out, leaving them out of print and highly sought after. This book will not be reprinted, so get your hands on these astonishing effects while you can.

Also included is a professionally machined gimmick for one routine. Ryan has sold this gimmick at his lectures but is included here free of charge.

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Great thinking and effects Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 8th, 2020
Ryan's idea is simple: if you give the spectator something to hold on to as a possible anchor for how the trick was done, they will probably miss the very thing that you actually did. Throughout this book, he gives you effects and ideas that you can use to truly change how you frame your magic. Nothing is incredibly difficult to learn but you'll have a blast performing them.

My personal favorite is the opening card trick, where the spectator does literally all the work while whispering "I love you" to their card, and then you are able to find their card even after they have shuffled things around. No marked deck, no gimmicks, just pure magic as far as the spectator is concerned.

The included gimmick is really interesting as well. You may figure out what it's for when you see it, but just wait until you read what Ryan does with it and you'll love it even more!

The book itself is gorgeous. It's not very big and probably won't take you long to read through the first time, but the full color photos throughout help to really explain what each move is supposed to be. He's an excellent teacher and this book will be a great springboard for some new thinking in your routines. You'll be looking for places to put false anchors in your existing material.
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annoying. Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 22nd, 2020
I found the book annoying.
The writing I found annoying. ie. "it's hard to describe in a book." (then don't try)
The idea of a "false anchor" is an idea that he conceived.
The graphics and pictures annoying.
The effects.... most of them, annoying.

But maybe I'm just easily annoyed.
Being an expensive book I found it to be $ for $ the worse book I've ever bought.

I gave it 4 stars b/c I find the star system of rating annoying.
I don't think a subjective opinion should be measured objectively.
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