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Band Holster for Suit Pockets by Andy Deemer (Download and Gimmick)

An infallible way to quickly load your band writer - no setup or skill required! "Don't read minds without one." - Zabrecky
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Imagine dipping a finger into your suit jacket pocket, and emerging with a loaded band writer! No more searching, no more struggling, no more twisting. If you use a band writer, and wear a suit (or carry a purse!), this is the holster for you.

Andy Deemer's Band Holster is a tidy and economical piece of apparatus for the modern thumb-writer enthusiast. The Band Holster bids farewell to awkward stage time — no more fumbling through jacket pockets. Don't read minds without one. - Rob Zabrecky

Super cool. Great design. It’s also a really good ‘desk’ for pocket writing, so it works for many things. Fully endorsed! - Jon Armstrong

What an easy to execute tool for the working pro. No more fumbling and no more broken or lost leads. It sits comfortably in a suit jacket pocket and allows fast loads for swami work. In addition it can be used to do wonderful pocket writing, acting as a support for a paper to write your prediction. Stick a pad to it and, boom! Very clever! If you use a band writer this is for you. - Mysterion of The Sentimentalists

A clever solution to the most common issue with thumb-writers. Well-made and designed with the working pro in mind, I think it'll become an essential tool for anyone working with a thumb-writer. - Carisa Hendrix

I just got my Band Holster and already love it!! It's a very smart, practical utility device. No longer do we have to fumble in our pockets for our band writers. Not to mention the additional use you mention as a deck divider. This will make a real difference. It is essential for anyone using a band writer. It's truly remarkable! - Siegfried Tieber

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? The Band Holster somehow improves one of the oldest tried-and-true tools in magic. - Peter Sciretta

Sick of losing valuable stage seconds to struggling for his band writer, Andy Deemer created this simple-to-use device that makes loading up about as close to automatic as it gets. Every mentalist he showed it to asked for one. So he started making more. Now they’re finally available for the first time outside of his immediate circle.

If you use a band writer, you need one of these.

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