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Billets for the Modern Mindreader by Julien Losa (Instant Download)

5 novel techniques, 4 variations. A crash course on billet reading/peeking techniques. Also : you get a FULL peek of the billet every time !
Price: $29.00
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

"Julien's work with billets is sensational! His techniques are beautiful, elegant and extremely deceptive. This is some of the finest billet materiel available today." - Marc Paul

“UMOS is a beautiful and elegant billet technique. I don’t know what this will cost, but this technique is worth the admission. The different applications are mind opening (literally and figuratively). Brilliant billet work by Julien. By the way, you are a much better billet worker than I am. I love it and you will too!” - Sean Waters

"I can confirm, it contains the best full peek done with a folded billet that I am aware of" - Nestor Dee

"Those moves let you instantly access the whole content of a folded billet! They're among the most powerful a performer can dream of, yet they are as simple and direct as can be! There's no way to put it mildly: they are an instant classic ! Pure gold!" - Cervier

5 novel techniques and 4 variations to read minds that Julien has been using for years. From cruise ships to theatres, and close up situations, he has been reworking "billet work" at its finest.

Duration : 33 min.

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FANTASTIC!!! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 23rd, 2020
First, full disclosure, I was sent this billet course by Julien and for free… although I kept trying to pay for it, but he wouldn’t take it.

Now, having said that, I would have gladly paid for this course. Here’s the thing: You always hear the idiom “There’s nothing new under the sun”… well, Julien apparently has found a new sun to be under. He has developed some great techniques with billets. And you can tell that he uses them constantly.

On top of all that, he is an excellent teacher, covers all the angles, has a sense of humor and is just a great thinker.

Hands down a great buy. You’ll be treated to some wonderful NEW ideas. Loved it!!!
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Simply Outstanding! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 24th, 2020
Julien has made significant advanced to billet work. This video course contains what I consider to be real breakthroughs. If you are proficient with classic peeks and switches and are looking for next level techniques, this video course has what you are looking for.

Exceptionally good and highly recommended.
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Excellent material for classic mentalism Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 25th, 2020
Great stuff from Julien, once again.
A wonderful addition to his previous work on Switches (also available at Penguin), although these techniques for reading a billet are applicable to ANY switch you may currently perform.
Not necessarily very easy to perform, most moves will require some practice, and in a few cases angles will need to be monitored closely.
About a year ago, during one of his stops in Paris, Julien had shown me what was to become UMOS. At the time, the technique was not as polished as what we see in this download. This shows how dedicated Julien is to perfection.
If you are into classic mentalism, based on billets use, you NEED to get this. To my knowledge, it is the BEST source of information on how to read a billet after a switch.
Higly recommended.
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Wonderful updates to a classic set of techniques Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 24th, 2020
Here are some specific thoughts pertaining to each of the main items taught in the download:

This BEAUTIFUL move is my favorite of the download. I absolutely plan on putting in the work to make this smooth (that's not to say that it's difficult, just want to be 100% confident in execution). This reminds me of Richard Busch's "Zen Billet" (sort of), though Julien's handling is much more efficient and requires less finger movement - mainly because the work is split between both hands. "U.M.O.S." also boasts better angles than the "Zen Billet". There is no switch in play here. You can view the entire surface of the card though I'd only be comfortable using this for drawings due to the speed of the peek (a lot of people have atrocious handwriting).

I'm not a 'hat guy', but for those who are, the variation using a hat as cover is wonderful. I feel like the box variant is best suited for a bizarre presentation (perhaps where the box is used to house a special 'relic' or similar).

Palm Reading Peek Plot
First of all, the switch that Julien uses to get into position is SO good! Unfortunately, he doesn't teach it in this project. Looks like I'll be picking up the "[S]Witch" download (available on Penguin). Not to worry though, most classic switches (Annemann, Baker, etc.) will work as long as the billet ends in a certain finger position. The choreography is best suited for palm reading (which I don't do) so I won't be using this one. The angles on this are solid though. You do, of course, have to switch in AND out if you want to hand the billet back so it's less direct than U.M.O.S..

Julien also shares a variation that doesn't require a switch but rather a wallet for a steal. To be honest, if I'm going to introduce a wallet I'd rather just use it to get the peek directly. Personal preference though.

Hold My Wrist Peek
This shares a very similar handling to the previous technique but the choreography doesn't require a Palm Reading premise. This one I might use - it's GREAT, but the directness and naturalness of U.M.O.S. is hard to beat. Unlike the previous technique, though, you aren't switching billets so, in my eyes, that's a plus. Coin guys/gals will smile at a few of the moves used in this one.

Through a Glass Reading?
Pretty self-explanatory name. This is a classic way to get a motivated peek. I've often seen this used by Docc Hilford and Barrie Richardson.

I Need to Focus Peek
So... I don't much care for this handling. Even in Julien's hands the move used to open the billet feels "off" and unmotivated to me. My other qualm with this is the way the billet is held in the hand - it just feels unnatural.

In Hand Focus after a Switch
This one appears more natural than the previous technique but I still struggle to justify using this over U.M.O.S. because, again, you have to switch the billet in and out. If you're proficient with the necessary moves (and can appropriately motivate them) this is a solid strategy though. I simply prefer more direct peeks.

CLOSING THOUGHTS - Although I plan to only practice/use 2 of the 5 main peeks taught, I'm still extremely impressed by this download. I'm VERY much an advocate for learning from books (in most cases), but the timing and choreography required of billet work lends itself better to video instruction. It was a joy to see ALL of the moves in Julien's (extremely capable) hands. For me, $30 is fair for two new techniques to perform direct mind reading using nothing more than paper and a pencil/pen.

Congrats Julien - it's a fantastic project!
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A true lover of the billet work Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 26th, 2020
I love this release and i have the chance to know Julien.

Is it worth $29? The questions I would ask myself are :

- If i already have a method that works do i need another publication on this subject ? the answer is no.

- Do i like the billet work and want to get variations for real-time reading with someone who has been thinking about a ton of use for a number of different scenarios (chiromancy / joint use with SUC, etc.) and have already read most of the stuff on the subject including switchcraft obviously ? then, the answer is YES.

- Will I regret my purchase because the content is bad/not workable and I've been fooled by reviews from creator's friends who put good reviews on each other products without even having read/watched the content, put on sale the products of their own site with a commission ? the answer is no.

Everything is clearly explained, it doesn't go too fast and we have the different viewpoints.

Well done.
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