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Infinitas Playing Cards

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Creativity is boundless, endless, unlimited. A world of possibilities.

The Infinitas Playing Cards, designed by Rian Lehman, is a tribute to the world of infinite possibilities and interconnectivity. Printed by US Playing Card Company, with all custom art (pips, faces, even the indices), the theme carries throughout the deck -- and each artistic nuance begs to be discovered. Made in the USA and includes specially printed gaff cards.

When placed in capable hands, the magician or cardist can let their creativity flow -- not bound by convention.

Let your mind be open, wrap your fingers around each card, and feel it.

What are you going to create?

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A unique deck of infinite possibilities to inspire your creativity Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 4th, 2018
I've always been fascinated by paradoxes and numbers. The idea of infinity has always intrigued me, because no matter how big a number you can think of, you can always add one more. Infinitas Playing Cards takes its name from the Spanish word for infinite, and pays homage to this paradoxical concept of that which never ends. Rian Lehman is the designer of the Infinitas deck, and although the creation of this deck didn't take an infinite amount of time, it did take him the better part of two years. It was his goal to pay tribute to the infinite possibilities that lie before us, as well as the idea of interconnectivity.

But the concept of infinite possibilities not only has significance for life in general, but especially comes to life when applied to card flourishing. As a growing art form, is it not true that there is unlimited potential at your finger tips, when you have a deck in hands? Not only can you expand the horizons of your own skills, but the young and rapidly maturing art form of cardistry is also awaiting new discoveries, when the minds and hands of budding cardists are unafraid to explore new territory, try new moves, and make new conquests. All things are limitless, but when this boundless and endless horizons are a regular feature of your creativity, who knows what new heights you might climb!

These ideas about infinity already find a home on the tuck box, which has multiple figure-eight symbols - the classical and elegant image of pure infinity - linked together. The deck's title employs a cursive font that helps suggest something of movement and artistry, while the rugged cream white card stock of the tuck box has a very earthy feel and look to it. With this deck, we might start with our feet on the ground, but once the cards come out of the box, we are ready to reach for the sky!

The possibilities start to open up at the same time as we open the tuck box, which has this intriguing slogan on the inside of the flap: "Your choices are half a chance, so are everybody elses.” As for the cards, they defy traditional stereotypes, thereby serving as superb examples of the boundless potential that awaits when we are prepared to break with standard patterns, and venture into the unknown! Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and among the infinite possibilities and outcomes there's just the chance that viewers will give this deck's unique style their personal seal of approval.

Everything about this deck is custom. Of course you've seen custom card backs before ... but not like these! These offer a very minimalist and yet symmetrical design based on interlocking infinity symbols. Not everyone will be thrilled by all the open space here, but these card backs do look gorgeous in cascades and waterfalls. And some fun possibilities can be harnessed for magicians wanting to capitalize on fans that can create a rare vanished or blank deck effect.

The infinity symbol is clearly the key that unlocks this deck, and you will find it everywhere, not least because it is the defining shape that is the main building block used to construct the custom pips. But the elegance of infinity is everywhere present wherever you look. It is clearly shaping everything about this brave new world, especially the sophisticated Aces, which all feature giant pips. Note that despite the apparently phallic look of the Spade pip, it was actually designed to resemble the classic swords common in old time decks.

The court cards show that some memories of traditional characters still remains, but these offer a completely new interpretation in line with the deck's theme. Minimalism continues to be king, in a land without borders. The Spades and Clubs are decked out exclusively in a mono-coloured black, while the Hearts and Diamonds rely on a simple black and red colour scheme that proves bold yet effective. There are some hidden revelations within, if you know where to look - after all, this is a land of infinite possibilities! And don't miss how our royal friends are dressed, with miniature suit pips emblazoned on their apparel. Their true loyalty is thus never in doubt, despite the pips used for the indices being far more ambiguous.

The number cards unquestionably exude a certain amount of charm, charisma, elegance, and sophistication. It's hard not to appreciate the artfulness and atmosphere that surrounds these playing cards on all sides. But let's be honest, in view of the very non-conventional approach to the pips, this deck is probably more at home in philosophy than it is in being practical!

Our two matching Jokers dispense with humanity completely, and celebrate what this deck is really about: a philosophical and exuberant exaltation of the infinite. But for those who really do want extra cards to play with, and who insist on making something magical out of all this philosophy, a double backer and blank facer are provided.

The printing comes to us courtesy of USPCC, which proves that even our Bicycle loving companions are willing to join us in a class of philosophy if it is quality that we're after. With the wheels of their proven reputation supporting us on our creative journey, travelling through these cards is always going to be comfortable and smooth.

Even those who can't always understand the language of these unique playing cards at a glance, cannot fail to be impressed with the philosophical depth and artistic detail that have collided to create the very single possibility of bringing this deck into existence. The Infinitas deck truly breaks the mold, and departs from the traditional, inviting anyone with a pioneering and creative spirit to be its companion. So if you're looking for something truly original and unique, and want to be inspired to spread your wings and chase the sky, this is a deck for you. At home especially in the hands of a collector who enjoys novelty or philosophy, or the cardist who wants to break free anything that constrains, this minimalist deck is durable and smooth, and should last even longer than your dreams. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame
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If you are looking for a new style this is it! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 15th, 2020
If you are looking for a new style of playing cards front and back. You need to check this out. These are some great looking cards. Rian has invented a new look to the suits I think will suit you. Don’t miss out.Try These cards yourself.
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